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As a hub for the Linked Learning movement, the Alliance offers research, stories, and tools that help people understand the impact of Linked Learning and implement this approach at high levels of quality.

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October 2020

Use this document to determine key steps and considerations for designing a Linked Learning pathway. We have included links to the Linked Learning standards for each of the steps and relevant resources/examples related to that step. As you begin designing a Linked Learning pathway, please note that these are not necessarily sequential steps and will vary based on the context.

Pathway Improvement, Career-Technical Education, Certification, College & Career Readiness, Equity, General, Outcomes, Rigorous Academics, Student Supports, Work-Based Learning, Getting Started, Steps to Silver

October 2020

Recording of Linked Learning Alliance's Empowering Civic Action in Youth Through Linked Learning webinar on October 28, 2020.

Webinars, Equity, Lessons Learned, Partnerships, Rigorous Academics, Work-Based Learning

November 2020

Resources from the October 28th Empowering Youth in Civic Action Through Linked Learning webinar.

Curriculum & Instruction, Webinars, Career-Technical Education, Equity, Rigorous Academics

The 2018 Understandings Continuum isintended to provide teachers and leaderswith a resource for planning high qualityinstruction, helping them to integrate keyteacher practices as part of daily instruction, build collective efficacy, promote car-ing relationships with students and to in-spire reflection throughout the instructionalprocess. Specifically, it provides a startingpoint and outlines a progression of the implementation of these key practices.

Curriculum & Instruction, Webinars, Equity, General, Leadership Development

February 2021

A recording of Keep Us Linked: Young People Share Insights on the Student Experience During COVID 19 from January 28, 2021.

Stories, Webinars, College & Career Readiness, COVID19, Equity, Policy, Rigorous Academics, Student Supports, Workforce Development, Work-Based Learning

This guidebook recognizes the unique expertise and experience of faculty and educational master candidates who have committed to the hard work of transforming the high school experience for students using the Linked Learning approach. The chapters in this guidebook provide a variety of insights from secondary and post-secondary educators involved in work associated with Linked Learning implementation.

Curriculum & Instruction, Pathway Improvement, Career-Technical Education, College & Career Readiness, Equity, General, Lessons Learned, Postsecondary, Rigorous Academics, Student Supports, Workforce Development, Work-Based Learning, Getting Started

Linked Learning and Community Schools

Preparing all Students for College, Career, and Civic Life

This brief provides an overview of these two approaches and describe a framework for bringing the Linked Learning and community schools together at the high school level so that all students, particularly those in communities that have been historically marginalized, are on a path to postsecondary success.

Curriculum & Instruction, Research, Equity, General, Partnerships, Rigorous Academics, Student Supports, Getting Started

February 2021

The Linked Learning Alliance captures and amplifies learnings, best practices, and collective challenges to support the growing network of Linked Learning partners, continually adding new tools and materials to our Resource Library. We share this information to ensure you have access to best practices and can see how other educators, community leaders and industry partners are building, implementing and tracking integrated college and career preparation policies, practices and programs.

Communications, Career-Technical Education, College & Career Readiness, COVID19, Equity, General, Partnerships, Postsecondary, Rigorous Academics, Student Supports, Workforce Development, Work-Based Learning, Getting Started