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Linked Learning sets the standard for excellence and equity in education.

Students work harder and dream bigger when their learning connects with them and connects them to the world. Linked Learning is a proven approach that engages youth, transforms systems, and advances equity.



Number of Linked Learning Pathways


Number of Schools with Linked Learning Pathways Nationwide


Number of Districts with Linked Learning Pathways Nationwide


Estimated Number of Students in Linked Learning Pathways Nationwide

A Linked Learning pathway integrates four key components: Rigorous academics, aligned to admissions requirements for state colleges and universities; Career technical education, delivering concrete knowledge and skills through a carefully structured sequence of courses; Work-based learning, providing students with exposure to real-world workplaces through job shadowing, apprenticeships, internships, and more; and Comprehensive support services, including counseling and supplemental instruction in reading, writing, and math to address the individual needs.

Pathways by Industry

Agriculture and Natural Resources

31 pathways

Arts Media and Entertainment

130 pathways

Building and Construction Trades

23 pathways

Business and Finance

47 pathways

Education, Child Development, and Family Services

47 pathways

Energy, Environment, and Utilities

11 pathways

Engineering and Architecture

66 pathways

Fashion and Interior Design

2 pathway

Health Science and Medical Technology

106 pathways

Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation

21 pathways

Information and Communication Technologies

51 pathways

Manufacturing and Product Development

16 pathways

Marketing, Sales, and Service

18 pathways

Public Services

48 pathways


16 pathways

Updated August 2022

Improved Student Outcomes

Linked Learning is expanding across the U.S. because it works. Rigorous independent evaluation shows Linked Learning students outperform their peers in a number of ways—and the results are amplified for students of color and English language learners.

The Linked Learning Difference:

Academic success

Increased equity

College and career readiness

Get to know the Linked Learning Alliance. We're the engine that drives the Linked Learning movement—a national coalition of educators, employers, and community organizations dedicated to success for all young people.

Our certification program sets the quality standard for Linked Learning in practice.

Linked Learning: The Dream Begins