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As a hub for the Linked Learning movement, the Alliance offers research, stories, and tools that help people understand the impact of Linked Learning and implement this approach at high levels of quality.

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November 2023 | Linked Learning Alliance

This guide is meant to support pathway teams and reviewers through the Gold Certification Middle School review process.

Pathway Improvement, Certification

October 2023 | Linked Learning Alliance

This guide is meant to support pathway teams and reviewers through the Gold Certification High School review process.

Pathway Improvement, Certification

LEAs participating in the Golden State Pathways Program can use this framework as guidance to develop sustainable new pathways or expand current pathways.

Curriculum & Instruction, Policy

Linked Learning Student Survey

College and career pathway students reflect on the 2023 academic year and their aspirations for life after high school

The Golden State Pathways Program (GSPP) is a $500 million investment in college and career preparation, based on the Linked Learning approach to educational transformation and student success. More than a decade of practice and independent evaluation proves this approach works—and the GSPP builds on this evidence to ensure young people across our state graduate ready to thrive and meet the demands of California’s rapidly evolving economy.

Now, as new fiscal challenges have put the GSPP investment at risk, it is more critical than ever to understand the impact high-quality college and career pathways have on California’s young people—and to bring their needs and aspirations into the statewide conversation.

The Linked Learning Alliance regularly fields a survey of young people who participate in Linked Learning college and career pathways throughout the state. This document presents preliminary findings for the 2023 academic year.

Communications, Research, College & Career Readiness

Golden State Pathways

California's Solution for Rigorous, Relevant, and Career-connected Learning

The Golden State Pathway program builds on our state’s existing pathways to college and career while fostering a shared vision of student success. Communities have an opportunity to bring together existing programs and approaches under the umbrella of Golden State Pathways to create coherent, engaging, supportive pathways toward postsecondary achievement.


February 2023 | Linked Learning Alliance

Linked Learning Middle School Standards represent an extension of the evidence-based Linked Learning standards for high-quality college and career preparation. Designed to engage students in real-world learning experiences connecting core academics to career awareness and exploration, the Linked Learning Middle School Standards will prepare students to succeed in high school and beyond.

The standards provide educators with a framework for middle school college and career preparation aligned to high school Linked Learning pathways and the rigorous academic expectations of a college prep curriculum, setting the stage for high school and postsecondary success.

Pathway Improvement, Certification

November 2022 | Linked Learning Alliance

Our Golden Opportunity: Creating Coherence in College and Career Readinessis a four-day event uniting educators, employers, and community leaders from across the country. A Linked Learning conference, this year’s program isdesigned to bridge public will-building, policy, and practice strategies to ignite abroader and more strongly aligned field-wide vision to connect all young peopleto college, career, and purpose. We are committed to working with you to develop a sponsorship package that aligns with yourorganization’s goals and budget needs.

Communications, General