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As a hub for the Linked Learning movement, the Alliance offers research, stories, and tools that help people understand the impact of Linked Learning and implement this approach at high levels of quality.

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Getting Started with Linked Learning
September 2021 | Linked Learning Alliance

Establish or strengthen a pathway at your school that is guided by the standards that define Linked Learning at its most effective.

In this Getting Started with Linked Learning guide for pathways, you’ll find information and resources to build alignment and leadership, then develop and integrate a rigorous program of study, work-based learning, and student supports—for a powerful student experience that connects learning to purpose.

Pathway Improvement, Getting Started

September 2021 | Linked Learning Alliance

Teachers, school and district leaders, and their community partners
are amazing problem solvers, especially when they can innovate together. The Alliance is actively cultivating that opportunity with our professional development portfolio. Building on 10+ years of experience, research, and relationships across systems and sectors, the Alliance offers training, tools, and connections to help K–12 educators take practice to the next level.

Delivering Linked Learning Virtually

An Open Discussion About Practices, Challenges & Solutions

This webinar brought together 80+ practitioners to discuss how to provide effective and engaging online educational experiences in a virtual Linked Learning environment.

Webinars, Leadership Development, Lessons Learned


College Futures Foundation Forum with UC Regents

College Futures Foundation Forum with UC Regents
January 2020 | Linked Learning Alliance

What kind of leadership does the University of California most need to carry it into tomorrow? Which skills and experiences should the UC look for in a new president? What are the top issues facing today’s students and how should UC leadership address them?

Before commencing the search for the next President of the University of California, the University of California Regents requested observations and advice to inform the search process. The Linked Learning Alliance provided testimony at a public forum at the University of California, Los Angeles. Our remarks begin 46 minutes in.

Stories, College & Career Readiness, Postsecondary, Student Supports

November 2019 | Linked Learning Alliance

Access a special, pre-launch tour of the new—an online hub for the broad coalition of Linked Learning practitioners and supporters. This webinar provides an overview of the site's new features and the many resources available to support and elevate your work.

Communications, Webinars, General


Integrated Student Supports

Framework and Strategies
November 2019 | Linked Learning Alliance

Hear from Jorge Ruiz de Velasco, Deputy Director at the John Gardner Center at Stanford University, and Marisa Saunders, Associate Director for Research at the UCLA Center for Community Schooling, as they describe how to weave the interventions and supports available in a school into a coherent, personalized educational experience for all youth.

Webinars, Student Supports

October 2019 | Linked Learning Alliance

Share the ways Linked Learning is transforming the lives of students with this infographic snapshot.

Communications, Equity, Outcomes, Getting Started, Steps to Silver