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As a hub for the Linked Learning movement, the Alliance offers research, stories, and tools that help people understand the impact of Linked Learning and implement this approach at high levels of quality.

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Pathways to Prosperity

Meeting the Challenge of Preparing Young Americans for the 21st Century

This report finds that the U.S. strategy for education and youth development in previous decades has been too narrowly focused on an academic, classroom-based approach, and that this has produced only incremental gains in achievement and attainment. In response, the report advances a vision for how the United States might regain the leadership in educational attainment it held for over a century, advocating for the development of a comprehensive pathways network to serve youth in high school and beyond.

Research, Policy

This report draws on research, actual practice of states and nations, and input from leading policymakers, researchers, administrators, and practitioners to develop a vision of new accountability, which is portrayed in an imagined “51st state.”

Research, Policy

This report proposes effective approaches that policymakers and administrators can use to address these new questions and priorities. It also proposes ways that student accomplishments illustrating career readiness can be included in graduation standards and conveyed to prospective colleges and employers.

Research, Policy

By combining academic and technical instruction, Linked Learning has proven to be a powerful approach to education—creating a relevant and engaging learning environment and, most importantly, preparing students with the range of 21st Century skills needed for success in college and career.

Despite the known benefits of Linked Learning, negative perceptions about career and technical education still exist. Shifting to this new paradigm requires more than redesigning school structures to incorporate Linked Learning pathways and legislating policies that provide needed resources. It also requires societal shifts in attitudes and beliefs.

This brief offers recommendations for classroom practices that will enable the effective integration of core academic and career technical subjects that can truly prepare students for college and career.

Research, Career-Technical Education, College & Career Readiness, Policy, Work-Based Learning

Perkins Career and Technical Education Primer

Linked Learning and College and Career Pathways

Perkins V includes several provisions that support the implementation of Linked Learning and other high-quality college and career pathways initiatives. Linked Learning is an approach to high school redesign that combines (1) rigorous academics, (2) high-quality CTE, (3) work-based learning, and (4) integrated student supports. Increasingly, Linked Learning also provides students with opportunities to earn postsecondary credit while they still are in high school. These components are woven together in industry-themed pathways that provide for a relevant, hands-on learning experience for high school students.

Research, Policy, Getting Started, Continuous Improvement

A new analysis from The Linked Learning Alliance and The Alliance for Excellent Education shows that the students who could benefit the most from Linked Learning are also the least likely to have the internet & devices needed to experience it from home.

Research, COVID19, Equity, Outcomes, Partnerships, Policy, Student Supports

February 2021

A recording of Keep Us Linked: Young People Share Insights on the Student Experience During COVID 19 from January 28, 2021.

Stories, Webinars, College & Career Readiness, COVID19, Equity, Policy, Rigorous Academics, Student Supports, Workforce Development, Work-Based Learning

April 2021

This case study, focusing on Oakland Unified School District, highlights specific funding policies referenced in the Funding Strategies for Linked Learning Pathways study.

General, Lessons Learned, Policy, Getting Started, Steps to Silver, Going for Gold, Continuous Improvement, Braided Funding