AB 1451 (Holden – D)

Monday February 17th, 2014 |
This bill authorizes the governing board of a school district to enter into a concurrent enrollment partnership agreement with a community college district. This bill would prohibit a school district from receiving a state allowance… ... Read Full Article

SB 1221 (Hancock –D)

Sunday February 16th, 2014 |
Requires a certification that each applicant for 21st Century High School After School Safety and Enrichment for Teens (ASSETs) program grants – or partners in an application – agrees to provide information on participating pupils’ school… ... Read Full Article

AB 1540 (Hagman – R)

Saturday February 15th, 2014 |
Enables high school students, upon recommendation by a computer science administrator at a community college and the authorization of a school board, to attend a community college during any session or term as a special… ... Read Full Article

AB 1797 (Rodriguez – D)

Saturday February 15th, 2014 |
Would require the Division of Apprenticeship Standards to establish and coordinate a stakeholders group that includes representatives of health care providers, employers or employer organizations, hospital systems, community clinics, patients, caregivers, and patient advocacy organizations… ... Read Full Article

AB 2148 (Mullin – D)

Friday February 14th, 2014 |
Requires the California Workforce Investment Board to aid the Governor in the development of an annual report card measuring state’s human capital investments in workforce development and that provides status reports on credential and degree… ... Read Full Article

AB 1764 (Olsen – R)

Thursday February 13th, 2014 |
Presently, each pupil completing 12th grade is required to complete two math courses as one of the conditions to receive a high school diploma.  The governing boards of school districts are presently authorized to adopt… ... Read Full Article

AB 2352 (Chesbro – D)

Wednesday February 12th, 2014 |
Would require governing boards of community college districts to record findings and reason for denial in the event of the denial of a request for full-time or part-time enrollment at a community college.  This bill… ... Read Full Article

SB 897 (Steinberg – D)

Tuesday February 11th, 2014 |
Provides that public sector entities are considered as business entities for purposes of the Career Pathways Trust. The bill would require the Superintendent to also consult with representatives of the public sector in considering grant… ... Read Full Article

AB 1694 (Bigelow-R)

Monday February 10th, 2014 |
Makes nonsubstantive changes to the existing Agricultural Career Technical Education Incentive Program, which requires the Superintendent of Public Instruction to award specified incentive grants domainviagra deutschland rezeptfrei kaufengute online apotheke für viagrahttp://www.zonta-nidda-oberhessen.de/xxh/eckart-von-hirschhausen-viagra to school districts… ... Read Full Article

AB 1950 (Campos-D)

Sunday February 9th, 2014 |
Establishes the Career Education Incentive Program, and states legislative intent to appropriate $250 million from the Budget Act of 2015-16 for purposes of the program. Authorizes school districts, county offices of education, charter schools, and… ... Read Full Article