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The Linked Learning Alliance Responds to Governor Newsom's May Budget Revision

May 12, 2023 | Linked Learning Alliance

The Linked Learning Alliance thanks Governor Newsom for reaffirming his commitment to making educational equity and student success a priority in the 2023-2024 May Revise. Even in the face of daunting fiscal challenges, Governor Newsom’s May Revise not only safeguards vital recent investments in education and economic justice, but also empowers communities to build stronger connections between systems of opportunity and support for every young person.

The May Revise recognizes the profound impact that investments in K-12 education will have on shaping our future prosperity in the aftermath of the pandemic. Moreover, the Governor's proposal will enable communities to persist in their vital efforts to create seamless pathways that connect the K-12 and postsecondary experience, strengthen our talent pipeline, and generate social equity and economic opportunity for all.

As we think about addressing today’s challenges and building a more equitable future for our state, there’s no question that investments across the K-12 to college and career continuum must be central to the conversation. We look forward to collaborating with Governor Newsom, his Administration, and the Legislature to secure a final 2023-2024 state budget agreement that keeps young people engaged in school, on track, and connected to college and rewarding careers.