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Linked Learning Alliance Statement on Supreme Court's Affirmative Action Decision

June 29, 2023 | Anne Stanton

Today's Supreme Court's decision to strike down college affirmative action programs is a devastating setback for young people and democracy. For the first time in history, young people from diverse backgrounds now make up most of the nation's high school graduates. Our college campuses and the workforce should reflect the immense talents and aspirations of this generation and generations to follow.

This decision brings to light a stark reality: Students of color will continue to be overwhelmingly denied the educational opportunities they need to thrive in the future, especially as they make critical transitions from high school to postsecondary education.

In light of today’s decision, it is more important than ever to embrace educational approaches like Linked Learning, which were created to open up college opportunities to young people of color who have long been denied a fair chance of postsecondary success. It aims to provide the highest quality educational experiences for students steeped in the world around them, from access to college-level courses that prepare them for the rigors of higher education to career preparation in high-wage, high-growth fields. Linked Learning ensures equitable opportunities, so all students can pursue the full range of life options after high school graduation. It points to real promise for more effective, equitable college experiences that can fuel a diverse and amazing pipeline of talent to lead our country forward.

Strengthening the K–12 through the postsecondary to career pipeline requires us to recognize deep educational disparities, including those born of systemic racism. We know that race is inherently part of our lived experiences and determines the opportunities available to us. While this is a sobering moment, let's remain steadfast in our commitment to preparing students for all the future has to offer.