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Kearny High Showcases Linked Learning

Linked Learning connects classwork to the work world. Students solve real-world problems in class projects and shadow professionals.

October 25, 2013 | KPBS San Digeo Public Radio
Chino Valley Students Get Career Experiences With Linked Learning Program

Marakee Tilahum admits sanitizing a standard device that prevents swelling at a hospital can take a couple of minutes, but if she doesn’t do it the long-term effects can be devastating.

October 24, 2013 | Daily Bulletin
College-for-All vs. Career Education? Moving Beyond a False Debate

At New Orleans charter schools, even students in the primary grades sometimes start the day with rousing chants professing their commitment to college.

August 19, 2013 | The Hechinger Report
Chamber Partners With Education to Promote Linked Learning

Save the date of October 2. That is when the Chamber and the Oxnard Union High School District will ask business leaders to hear about Linked Learning and how it can train their future workers.

Study: Career-Based Teaching Leads to More Motivated Students

Students who attend a high school where study plans are based on preparing for a specific career are more likely to graduate and continue on to postsecondary schools than their public school counterparts are, according to a recent study by UCLA's Institute for Democracy, Education and Access.

Report Shows Programs to Improve College Access Are Working

A new report from The Education Trust finds that programs aimed at increasing college access and graduation rates among black and Latino students are having a positive effect.

July 18, 2013 | Education News
California Bill Requires State to Attack Skills Gap

There's no arguing the facts: California's unemployment rate, as of May, was 8.6 percent. Yet there are more than 840,000 jobs available now.

Adult Ed, Regional Occupational Centers, Partnership Academies Get Reprieve

Once-threatened programs that prepare high school students for careers and adults for jobs or college appear likely to get at least a two-year reprieve under the compromise budget plan negotiated between legislative leaders and Gov. Jerry Brown.

July 12, 2013 | EdSource
Antioch Schools Look to Energize Education: Solar Projects Will Be a Learning Tool and Save Money

The school district is going solar — and it hopes to energize student learning in the process.

July 12, 2013 | East Bay Times