Student Stories

My First Internship by Jason M.
The possibilities were many
The Four-O-Eight by LAHSA
The Following Steps
Opened Eyes for Future
Fun through Blogging and Linked Learning
I thank Linked Learning everyday for giving me this opportunity.
Opportunities Open Doors
Ultimately, Linked Learning paves the path for a lifetime of learning.
Linking My Learning to an Internship
The Idea of Family
The Idea of Family
A Few Things You Need To Know About International Healthcare
A Few Things You Need To Know About International Healthcare
What is Linked Learning to Me?
Linked Learning Teacher Video
I am extremely glad that the internship showed me all of these different ways to improve my writing abilities.
Brenda Garcia’s Final Essay
Despite not wanting to pursue digital media specifically, the kind of work I was doing in school was still preparing me for college or a job.
Janine Goetzen's Final Essay
International What?
Linked Learning Field Perspectives
The inspirational impact of my experience and my passion for nature has influenced me to major in Biology in college.
Saving the Wooping Crane
Applying My Skills in the Real World
The feeling of seeing your hard work payoff is indescribable.
Hard Work Pays off
Linked Learning SRI Data
Defending My Ability to Graduate
Students are given the tools to accomplish this task in a relevant and meaningful way.
Biomedicine Class
An Interview with a Classmate
Key Takeaways of High School Study
I Made Myself Heard at a SDUSD Meeting
I have come to realize that I not only chose an interest, but a career pathway.
Linked Learning Increases Students' Competence
Linked Learning Creates Extracurricular Opportunities
Linked Learning Helped Me Choose and Be Sure of What I Want to Be
Being Patient can be Tough!
School Project Becomes Professional Presentation
Internship Leads to Career Exploration
A Favorite Computer Game Becomes a Pathway
Internships Lead to Responsibility, Workplace Skills
We Made a Difference Through Linked Learning
I was able to see my future clearer than I have ever seen it before.
Speaking Up
Del Lago Academy made the best out of what was supposedly the worst year of high school.
Looking Back
Q&A with Jarelle Balanzat
My Whoa Moment
I realized regardless of your profession, there is always a way to help others.
Project Homeless Connect
Finding My Passion for Science
If you can change a young person's education you can change the community--and society.
The Power of Education
What’s important about an opportunity is to recognize it when it comes along.
My Life-Changing Opportunity
My Trip to Present at the Dept. of Education
Even if I don’t become a litigator, I know that I will still do great things to change people’s lives through law.
For the Love of the Law
Question It!
My Linked Learning Experience: From Projects to Internships
The Story of Whoa
This is just the start of interest and understanding in politics, and I am definitely looking forward to learning more.
Interning at Assembly Member's Office
California State Science Fair Recap
Del Lago Surprised Me
Keep Up All the Hard Work, It Will Pay Off
Summer of Service
The Dreamland Final
Real-World Linked Learning at Delta High School
Hercules High Spotlight
Linked Learning Study Tips
Q&A with Linked Learning Students
Dispatches from OUSD
Who's College Material?
Social Innovation Camp
Data Shows Effectiveness and Potential of Linked Learning
Resume Tips
Resume Tips
F.A.F.S.A. - “Thrift Shop” Parody
Kevin's Linked Learning Story
Oakland School District Considering New Parcel Tax
The James Irvine Foundation: Linked Learning
An Eye for Design
Creativity is Big Business in California
Linking Education to Industry
Day in the Life: Landscape Architect
Teaching for Tomorrow: Linked Learning Teachers 21st Century Skills
Zelia for Linked Learning
Linked Learning Expands in Oakland
Linked Learning Expands in Oakland
Linked Learning Student Showcase