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Going for Gold. Are you ready?

April 2, 2019
  • (Team members from many of the new Gold Certified pathways gathered for a group shot at the 2019 Linked Learning Convention, March 21, 2019 | David Chen)

Linked Learning Gold Certification is inspiring and challenging educators across California and the nation to develop high-quality career and college readiness programs for all students. Certification brings together faculty, industry partners, students and parents in a collaborative process of self-reflection and self-improvement. Most importantly, certification advances our ultimate aspiration: equity.

The first cohort of pathways to receive Gold Certification was recently celebrated at the 2019 Linked Learning Convention in Palm Springs, where these education pioneers shared their experiences about the certification process. Educators shared how much they valued the opportunity to come together in a spirit of self-improvement to examine their pathways’ progress, centered around established standards for a high-quality Linked Learning pathway. They emphasized the value of feedback and validation from outside practitioners in a “student-centered process” that made their pathway stronger. Students loved the opportunity to demonstrate what they are learning, and how they are making connections between classroom and career experiences. For their leadership and dedication, the field recognizes these Gold Pathway educators by awarding each of them the 2019 Educator Champions Award.

By fostering conversations and structuring evaluation around proven principles of Linked Learning, certification provides a roadmap for pathways to strengthen the links between academic subjects, work-based learning experiences, and crucial support for students’ social-emotional development to graduate truly career and college ready young adults

The students served through the newly Gold Certified pathways represent the beginning of a movement to empower all students everywhere to discover their passions and chart their own course for the future, unlimited by traditional barriers.

Whether you feel your pathway is ready to get gold certified, or you want to learn more about how certification can support pathway improvement, contact us about moving your Linked Learning pathway toward equity and quality outcomes for all students. The next round of Gold Certifications begins in fall, 2019.

Roneeta Guha
Vice President, Strategy and Impact

Dan Storz
Senior Director, Products and Services

Linked Learning Gold Pathways (As of March 21, 2019):

  • Film Academy at Carlsbad High School
  • Multimedia and Engineering Academy at Lancaster High School
  • Biomedical Science Academy at Eastside High School
  • Critical Design and Gaming School at Augustus Hawkins High School
  • Medical and Health Sciences Pathway at Theodore Roosevelt High School
  • Academy of Law and Justice at Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo High School
  • Engineering Pathway at Ernest McBride High School
  • Criminal Justice and Investigation Pathway at Ernest McBride High School
  • PLTW Biomedical Academy at Pacific High School
  • CORE Academy at Arroyo Valley High School
  • East LA Performing Arts Academy at Torres East L.A. Performing Arts Magnet
  • Environmental Science, Engineering & Technology at Carson High School