Linked Learning Increases Students’ Competence

Sunday March 23rd, 2014 |
At Kearny High School, where I am a senior, we are divided into four small schools that specialize in different career paths. I chose to enter the School of Digital Media and Design (DMD) because I was interested in computers and graphic design. Over the years, I have come to realize that I not only chose an interest, but a career pathway. ... Read Full Article

Internship Leads to Career Exploration

Friday September 13th, 2013 |
Excitement, happiness, and accomplishment are all things I felt when I found out I was interning at Kaiser Permanente’s Baldwin Park Medical Center. I worked very hard on my application because I knew it would be difficult to get accepted – this was the first class of interns from my school, and there were only four openings for this internship. I put a lot of pressure on myself to earn this amazing once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. ... Read Full Article

Hard Work Pays off

Friday July 26th, 2013 |
The feeling of seeing your hard work payoff is indescribable.Last semester, I started an unpaid internship working to prepare for the WorldLink Youth Town Meeting – a conference bringing together high school students from across Southern California and Mexico to listen to guest speakers present about global issues. Six hours a week, I’d come in to the office that I shared with my boss and co-interns. It was great, but dealing with the usual wear and tear of an internship was especially rough when – every second Friday – my friends with jobs would get their paychecks. ... Read Full Article