Thank you for attending the 2023 Linked Learning Conference.

This is the Beginning

At the 2023 Linked Learning Conference, more than 600 people joined together to create a more coherent, effective K–12-to-college-to-career experience—toppling barriers, filling gaps, smoothing transitions, and integrating systems. Attendees left feeling motivated, energized, and committed to insisting on quality and equity at every step as we work to meet this moment for young people and the future we all share.

As we saw through the conference, collectively, we know some things. We’ve done some things. And we are equal to this challenge, aren’t we? The conference marked the beginning, of sorts, of our journey toward coherence. We don’t get there without rolling up our sleeves and taking action. This is the movement part of the Linked Learning movement, and we are grateful to have you as part of it.

Read an event recap and stay tuned for more photos, videos and stories!

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