Linked Learning Customized Offerings

The Linked Learning approach can look different in every context. The Linked Learning Alliance offers customized, personalized supports to support pathways, schools, and districts on their unique journey to high-quality college and career learning opportunities.

Coaching and Capacity Building

Real-Time Thought Partnership and Support

Deepen local capacity through ongoing, job-embedded coaching and professional development. The Alliance's coaching and capacity building services cultivate district, site, and pathway leadership to develop the conditions and systems to implement equitable Linked Learning pathways.

Asset Mapping and Implementation Planning

Illuminate Local Strengths and Resources

The Linked Learning approach should be adapted to each community's context and build on local strengths. To customize their practice in these ways, districts can embark on a process of asset mapping and implementation planning. Asset mapping identifies resources that could be leveraged and aligned to strengthen pathways and results. Informed by insights from the asset mapping exercise, district stakeholders collaborate to create a typically 12-month implementation plan that clarifies goals, priorities, action items, and commitments. The Alliance offers coaching and tools to support both.

Linked Learning 101

Whether you are in a district that is implementing Linked Learning districtwide or you are just beginning to explore the power of combining college and career learning, Linked Learning 101 is designed for new and emerging pathway teams or individuals who are interested in deepening their knowledge about Linked Learning, a proven approach to excellence and equity in education. Participants will learn how to use the Linked Learning standards and certification process to equitably design and improve pathways. This workshop series can be full customized to fit the needs and objectives of your pathway, school, and/or district.