linked learning analytics

The more you know, the greater your opportunity to achieve excellence and equity in education with Linked Learning. The Linked Learning Analytics dashboard makes it easy to compare outcomes, spot trends, and demonstrate progress over time.


Research shows that Linked Learning works. But every community, district, school, and pathway is unique. Linked Learning Analytics lets you assess outcomes for your students so you can fine-tune their learning experience.

custom insights

See how pathways students track with non-pathway peers, and how one pathway compares to others. Explore the equity of outcomes for key demographics. Identify longitudinal trends and areas for improvement.

smart connections

Linked Learning Analytics simplifies reporting by automatically integrating data you already report to the state and federal government. Add pathway-specific facts, and you’re up and running. No need to duplicate steps.

Data Dashboard

Pathway performance data comes together in an intuitive dashboard that signals opportunities to take action. Participating districts can also opt to connect their data and collaborate across a regional consortium. Linked Learning Analytics can generate reports you can share with partners and members of the community to communicate your impact and progress, and to identify areas where further support is needed.

Measure & Assess

Monitor student outcomes relevant to college and career readiness

Reflect & Improve

Identify opportunities to advance student success and equity

Share & Engage

Demonstrate impact to partners and other stakeholders

tracking key outcomes

Linked Learning Analytics is the centralized platform that puts you in touch with data describing a variety of important student outcomes, including:

  • Academic success indicators aligned with postsecondary requirements, such as mathematics and English language arts proficiency and growth, as well as postsecondary credits earned
  • Social-emotional and school culture/climate indicators, such as chronic absenteeism and suspension
  • Postsecondary success metrics, such as enrollment and persistence in a two- or four-year college or university

Through a partnership with CORE Data Collaborative, Linked Learning Analytics integrates this data with other information you collect to create a streamlined, comprehensive solution supporting success in K–12 and beyond. Additional data can include:

  • K–8 student performance
  • Social-emotional development indicators
  • Metrics on school culture/climate


To learn more about Linked Learning Analytics, or to schedule a demo, contact the Linked Learning Alliance at:

Data Partners

Linked Learning Analytics works with support from the following data and technology partners.

Education Analytics provides strategic analytics and reporting services to ensure the relevance and utility of metrics captured.

The CORE Data Collaborative provides access to a comprehensive K-12 data solution so Linked Learning pathways can streamline their reporting. The CORE Districts are school systems across California that have committed to working together to improve teaching and learning.