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Keep Us Linked is a campaign for the college and career preparation that ALL California students deserve—and that our state needs to thrive. It’s powered by the Linked Learning Alliance.

This moment is pivotal—and calls for action. Today, people across our state face unprecedented challenges in education, economics, and equity. Governor Gavin Newsom and the California State Legislature have taken a bold step toward a sustainable, evidence-based solution to these crises by proposing a $2 billion investment in college and career preparation.

This progress is real—and ready to build on. Innovation through college and career preparation initiatives isn’t new: For over ten years, the Linked Learning movement has delivered high-quality academics in concert with career-technical education and work-based learning opportunities in growing industries, access to early college credit, and integrated student supports—keeping adolescents linked to a future they’re passionate about.

With proposed new investments, we have a real opportunity to deepen and expand Linked Learning pathways across the state to ensure young people thrive during their decade of difference, a transformative period between the ages of 14 and 24 where identities, outlooks, and aspirations take shape.

This community is yours—and needs your help. Students, parents, educators, higher education partners, industry leaders, and community voices have always been at the center of Linked Learning and the Alliance. Your dedication, passion, and expertise has driven this movement since day one. No one knows the life-changing potential of access to high-quality college and career preparation better than you.

How Keep Us Linked Connects the Dots

Proposed investments work in concert with existing college and career preparation efforts taking place in California communities today. Sharing common goals and characteristics, these programs can only deliver the pronounced, statewide results we want to see if we implement them in coordination with each other, and in alignment with each community’s vision of college and career readiness.

Keep Us Linked by the Numbers

The work of Keep Us Linked is not new. Linked Learning pathways have been advancing the fields of education, healthcare, STEM, and climate for over a decade. With Keep Us Linked, we can build on the work taking place across California, bringing high-quality college and career preparation to more young people and their communities.


Linked Learning Pathways in High-Opportunity Industries


School Districts Served by Linked Learning Pathways in High-Opportunity Industries


Students Served by Linked Learning Pathways in High-Opportunity Industries

Education, Child Development, and Family Services

22 pathways
12 districts
6,500+ students

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Health Science and Medical Technology

70 pathways
29 communities
23,000+ students

Learn More About Healthcare Pathways


36 pathways
29 communities
11,000+ students

Learn More About Climate Pathways


91 pathways
31 communities

60,000+ students

Learn More About STEM Pathways

Keep Us Linked Coalition Partners

This work is only possible when we come together—K–12, higher education, industry, and community—and advocate for a commitment to adolescents during their decade of difference, a formative period between the ages 14 and 24 when young people establish their identities, dispositions, and lifelong aspirations. We are so proud to partner with these organizations in this work:

Keep Us Linked coalition partners are featured in our advocacy toolkit, the Keep Us Linked website, and other Keep Us Linked materials. They have access to exclusive content, engagement opportunities, and more.