Key Features and Metrics

Key Features

  • Performance dashboards, reports, predictive analytics, and early warning signals
  • Track work-based learning data
  • Offer districts and consortia the ability to organize and collaborate on a regional level
  • Built to align with Linked Learning Certification
  • Partnership with CORE Data Collaborative- a collaborative of K-12 districts in California that have committed to work together to improve teaching and learning. Partnership offers districts in both systems a comprehensive K-12 data solution that integrates district, school, and pathway-level data, with streamlined reporting and common data warehousing and dashboards.

Key Metrics

  • Pathways, schools, districts and consortia identify success in access, opportunity, and outcomes in high school Linked Learning pathways, and ultimately in college and career success.
  • Ability to analyze pathway and non-pathway outcomes and access by measures such as diploma completion and completed GED, GPA, course grades and units earned, EAP ELA College Readiness, English Proficiency, Free and Reduced Lunch, Postsecondary Enrollment (as available)
  • Metrics on pathways will include certified status, model used, and industry sector
  • Available for districts that opt into Linked Learning Analytics and CORE Data Collaborative:
    • Comprehensive metrics across K-12 grades and can be disaggregated by school or pathway
    • Social-emotional learning data
    • Campus climate
    • Student growth data
    • Chronic absenteeism

Examples of Essential Questions Linked Learning Analytics will Help You Answer:

  • How do the GPAs between pathway and non-pathway students compare?
  • Do pathway students meet college admission (A-G in California) requirements at the same rate as non-pathway students?
  • Do pathway students meet college admission (A-G in California) requirements at the same rate as non-pathway students within your school and how does this compare to how similar students perform in similar schools?
  • What is the average attendance rate of pathway and non-pathway students?
  • How many students are in pathways at your school filtered by the following student characteristics
    • Students’ Gender
    • Students’ Ethnicity
    • Students identified as EL
    • Students with disabilities
    • Students participating in the Free/Reduced Lunch Program
  • How many pathway students were suspended compared to non-pathway students?
  • What is the grad rate of pathway vs non-pathway students?