Guiding Principles for Linked Learning Analytics

 Advanced Reporting and Analysis

  • Dynamic reporting and opportunities for deeper analysis using the Edvantage platform
  • Strategic analytics by our partners at Education Analytics
  • Multi-metric school and district data dashboards with benchmarked performance reporting
  • Accessibility at all levels desired by district


Simplified Data Reporting, Processing, and Validation

  • Daily processing frequency (if elected by districts)
  • Well-defined data quality rules and automated reports
  • Data remediated at sources to match systems of record
  • Automated processing and reporting of data quality audits
  • Minimal data latency
  • eLearning resources


Alignment with Existing Data Systems

  • Whenever possible data elements for the dashboard will be sourced from data already reported to CALPADS
  • Integrating data from LaunchPath and participating postsecondary institutions, and are working closely with NAF to streamline reporting for NAF academies.

FERPA Compliance

The Alliance and its partners/sub-contractors Education Analytics and Versifit will follow FERPA and the California student data privacy act (AB1584) regulations when handling district data by taking measures which will be described in detail as part of the data sharing agreement that will be signed by districts and the Alliance. Our reporting and analytics partners have decades of experience with a wide range of educational partners including state agencies and districts of all sizes, following industry best practices and collaboratively building data solutions. All data will be stored on secure servers using industry best practices, with every effort taken to protect confidential, identifiable student data. Also, all records and confidential data provided by districts remains district property, and thus under direct district control. This means there will be no public disclosure of member institutions’ data without specific permission from involved partners.