Expected Commitments for Partnering Districts

Overview of Commitment

  • Data use agreement: Participating LEAs must sign a standardized data use agreement permitting the secure sharing of student-level data with the Linked Learning Alliance and our analytical and reporting partners.
  • Data submission: Participating LEAs will annually submit data according to a prescribed set of parameters and formats.
  • Personnel for data and user management: At minimum, each participating LEA will need to identify three district representatives:
    1. district leader to serve as point for this partnership (e.g., the top research/data person in the district),
    2. contact for data submission (e.g., a data analyst at the district level) and
    3. contact for submission/management of the LEAs approved users of the data and reports (e.g., an individual from IT with knowledge of the LEAs’ users and permission rules and infrastructure).
  • Time management: The entire design of the system is to minimize the effort of participating districts to submit data – this is accomplished through adopting standard file formats that they either already produce for somebody else or can get from somebody else (CDE). This should take no more than two hours a year (there could be 6-10 hours of work creating the custom files the very first year and perhaps ~2 hours getting a few years of prior history).

Data Specifics

  • Minimally annual submission (EOY) of the standard CALPADS file (SINF, SENR, SPRG, SELA, SDIS, CRSC, SCSC, SDEM, SASS)
  • Minimally annual submission of the standard California State Proficiency Test files (SBAC,STAR, CELDT)
  • Minimally annual submission of four simple custom files (CDET, CATT, CRSC, CSEC) modelled on CALPADS submissions
  • If available we could explore the standard NSC StudentTracker Return Files