Data Partners

Education Analytics inc    

The Linked Learning Alliance selected two data partners—Education Analytics and Versifit Technologies—to develop and manage the data warehouse and data analytics reporting. These data partners were selected for a number of key reasons, including their track record of working across the U.S. with a diverse range of large, small, rural, and urban school districts; their strict adherence to student data privacy regulations and concerns; their ability to push the limits on what is possible to learn and discover through data; as well as their common partnership with the CORE Data Collaborative.

Education Analytics

Education Analytics is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin and employs economists, data programmers, policy analysts, and support staff. Their deeply knowledgeable and experienced team provides clients and partners with multiple core services, including student growth metrics, education policy, and technical assistance.

Meet the team:

Andrew Rice
Andrew Rice is the Executive Vice President of Research and Operations of Education Analytics, a not-for-profit professional research and service organization in Madison, Wisconsin. An economist, he leads EA’s day to day operations and advises partners on policy implications of technical systems work. He works with school districts, state agencies, foundations, and national unions on developing and implementing analytics that support the education system. Dr. Rice has particular expertise in school accountability models, assessment data, educator impact measurement, student growth measurement, human capital management metrics and data systems.

Charlie Hartman
Charlie Hartman is a Data Strategist for Education Analytics. In this role, he works with EA’s state and district partners regarding strategic use of education data and ensures consistency between external partners’ needs and EA’s internal staff. To meet the challenges of the complex environment of schools, he utilizes a mix of analytic, communication, and project management skills. Charlie brings with him a practical and abstract mathematical experience across disciplines, including his past experience as a Data Specialist with Providence Public Schools where he successfully executed the school department’s Tableau Server deployment, collaborated with district administration, school leadership teams, and community partners to share data, and developed processes to maintain data integrity.

Versifit Technologies
Versifit Technologies, LLC is a K-12 Education Systems Integration & Software Development Company, with headquarters in Appleton, Wisconsin. Versifit is one of only a handful of U.S. companies that has successfully focused on K-12 Education Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing for 16 years and has implemented solutions supporting data-driven decision-making for over 800 educational agencies including five state agencies and urban districts such as Chicago Public Schools. Versifit’s mission is to provide the best, most up-to-date data warehousing and business intelligence solutions to markets.

Versifit draws from its team of more than 40 developers, analysts, consultants and other professionals to support the Linked Learning Alliance Data platform. That team is guided by the following senior team members:

Brian Pritzl
Mr. Pritzl is the Chief Technology Officer for Versifit and has more than 25 years of experience developing data warehouses, ETL, and analytical solutions and more than 19 years doing so specifically in the education market. He has been designing and implementing large, enterprise-class database management systems, business intelligence tools, and analytical systems for both public and private sector clients ranging from Disney and Proctor & Gamble to Chicago Public Schools and the Hawaii Department of Education. Mr. Pritzl is the Lead Architect of the Edvantage analytical solution for education.

Dr. Jeff Watson
Dr. Watson brings almost 20 years of experience in educational technologies that build capacity for decision making in education. His work focuses on translating policy and program goals into functional requirements for the Edvantage Data Warehouse and Reporting Solution. Dr. Watson’s efforts with state and local education agencies, regional service centers, and institutes of higher education connect data and information to decision making, planning, and evaluation. Dr. Watson is the Vice President of Consulting Services at Versifit.