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UC Approves First Courses in Linked Learning Courses List: Cybersecurity and Manufacturing & Prototyping

June 22, 2017 | Linked Learning Alliance

June 22, 2017

Nancy Xiong, Strategic Communications Specialist
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UC Approves First Courses in Linked Learning Courses List: Cybersecurity and Manufacturing & Prototyping

SACRAMENTO, CA – The Linked Learning Alliance announced today that the first courses in the Linked Learning Course List were approved by the UC Office of the President. The courses give students integrated college preparatory and career technical education and are aligned to Information Technology and Manufacturing and Product Development industry sectors.

“Too many students have had to choose between college and career simply because integrated courses and pathways weren’t available and a student can only fit so many classes into their schedule. These approved courses will pave the way for schools and districts to easily adopt high-quality career-technical education courses that meet the ‘a-g’ prerequisites for admission to CSU or UC,” said Christopher Cabaldon, President of the Linked Learning Alliance. “Lack of these courses is often a gatekeeper that prevents students from accessing the full range of post-secondary options available to them after high school.”

The two approved Linked Learning courses are:
Cybersecurity (UC/CSU: ‘g’); CTE Sector: Information and Communications Technology – Information Support & Services)
Manufacturing & Prototyping (UC/CSU: ‘g’); CTE Sector: Manufacturing and Product Development – Machining & Forming Technologies)
The approved Linked Learning courses are designed to meet Career Technical Education (CTE) content standards, and integrate college preparatory academics, career technical skills, and work-based learning in a manner consistent with the Linked Learning approach. The Linked Learning Alliance will work with districts and partners to develop additional course sequences in these and other industry sector themes.

The Alliance gained program status from the UC in April, allowing the Alliance to submit courses directly to UC for approval for a-g status. Once approved for the Linked Learning Course List, any high school can adopt and teach the course without needing to independently submit the course for UC review.

The streamlined process gives districts access to collaboratively develop high quality ‘a-g’ course descriptions specifically designed for pathways. The courses are automatically updated by the Alliance so course revisions do not need to be submitted on a school-by-school basis.

For more information on the Linked Learning Course List, please visit the Linked Learning website.


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