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The Alliance Kicks Off 2021-2022 Linked Learning Fellows Program

August 30, 2021

The Linked Learning Alliance is excited to kick-off year two of the Linked Learning Fellows Program. This program aims to build a network of committed leaders who will work collaboratively to champion education approaches that combine college and career-based learning and comprehensive student supports to keep young people connected to purpose.

By joining the Linked Learning Fellows Program, accomplished Linked Learning practitioners can share their knowledge and expertise with other education and community leaders from across the country and make the case for national adoption of integrated and equitable approaches to college and career readiness.

Linked Learning Fellows will be part of a dynamic cohort who together will serve as strong champions and drivers of systems change by sharing their experience and knowledge with new communities, districts, and schools, and will collaborate with the Linked Learning Alliance to amplify successes to inspire Linked Learning adoption in California and beyond.

The Linked Learning Fellows Program is built on a shared goal of driving educational justice and equity. Fellows will have access to nationally recognized thought leaders and guest speakers to cultivate strategic public and political-will building, and leadership skills. Specifically, Fellows will explore these four core elements of professional learning and movement building:

  • Champion Training: Enhance your capacity to communicate about your experiences as a Linked Learning leader to convey the value of integrated college and career preparation in your community and beyond and use research and data to provide evidence of impact.
  • Advocacy Supports: Leverage your voice as a visionary leader and advocate for blending classroom and career-based learning and make the case for public and private investments in Linked Learning in your community and nationwide.
  • Leadership Development: Harness your skills to transform systems in your local context and support emerging Linked Learning leaders to do the same.
  • Active Networking: Cultivate meaningful relationships with a dynamic cohort of education leaders who share a deep commitment to ensuring all students graduate prepared for both college AND career.

Opportunity and Benefits

  • Be recognized nationally as an expert in the Linked Learning field
  • Serve at the forefront of a national movement for reimagining the high school experience for young people through integrated college and career preparation
  • Deepen and expand Linked Learning in both existing and new districts by sharing your expertise and knowledge and building the capacity of others to become equally adept
  • Bring on-the-ground knowledge and expertise to the development of local, state, and federal policy recommendations
  • Serve as a spokesperson to key audiences about the impact and benefits
  • Participate in the development of an active learning and research agenda to advance quality, innovation, and impact
  • Network with a distinguished cohort of innovative and equity-driven Linked Learning champions


The Linked Learning Fellows Program is designed for a select group of Linked Learning leaders at the district, site, and pathway levels. Ideal candidates will:

  • Have a deep understanding of the Linked Learning approach and integrating college and career preparation
  • Have demonstrated a commitment to leading, designing, and facilitating equitable Linked Learning experiences in their context
  • Be willing to share their knowledge and expertise to build and expand the broader Linked Learning field
  • Be able to communicate the value of Linked Learning and support others in adopting and using Linked Learning systemically
  • Be dedicated to scaling Linked Learning and understand deeply the intersection of practice, policy, and public will-building for fueling a national movement


Linked Learning Fellows will:

  • Participate in quarterly half-day Fellows Program Sessions that will be scheduled based on input from selected fellows. Meetings will take place in November 2021, February 2022, April 2022, and June 2022.
  • Be required to work collaboratively with Alliance staff to accomplish the following:
    • Develop at least one op-ed, blog, and/or commentary piece for an external publication or organization that will help to engage new audiences in Linked Learning adoption
    • Co-design at least one Linked Learning practice development opportunity with support from the Alliance.
    • Support development of at least one field-level tool and/or resource to drive Linked Learning adoption.
    • Engage with the Alliance in at least one strategic conversation with policymakers, community and industry partners, higher education leaders, and other key stakeholders to advance Linked Learning policy priorities.

Applications are due Monday, September 27, 2021. To apply, please visit the Linked Learning Fellows Application to complete a short application form. After completing the application form, the Linked Learning Alliance will set up a short interview with interested applicants. Linked Learning Fellows will be selected by mid-October and begin convening in November 2021.


The Linked Learning Alliance is the engine that drives a movement to help every young person determine their own future through Linked Learning, a proven approach to education. Linked Learning integrates rigorous academics with real-world learning and strong support services to prepare students for success in college, career, and life. The Alliance helps create public will for equity and excellence in education, elevate the practice of Linked Learning across America, and advance policies that serve and support all youth.