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Resources For Providing Engaging, Relevant, and Integrated High School Experiences Amid COVID-19

April 9, 2020 | Linked Learning Alliance

As physical distancing continues, new needs for students in college and career pathways are arising, and individuals and organizations across the country are working diligently to address them. The Alliance has been curating resources and online learning opportunities to help support Linked Learning educators as you continue to provide students with high-quality, integrated college and career readiness educational experiences amid the coronavirus pandemic.

We want to draw special attention to the following resources from key Linked Learning partners:


Pathways to Success: Connecting Learning to College and Careers – on demand

This webinar from Pivot Learning and the Linked Learning Alliance highlights LAUSD’s efforts to create real-world learning experiences that interest, challenge, and inspire students through Linked Learning.

Going for Gold: New Standards for Excellence in Education – on demand
This webinar from the Linked Learning Alliance features an overview of the new Gold standards and certification process, along with implications for education practice. The webinar includes perspectives from district and pathway leaders who have achieved Gold.

Beyond High School: Linked Learning Self-Study Tool – coming soon
This resource is designed to help pathway teams continuously assess and improve their pathways implementation. Teams can evaluate their processes, progress, and impact as they work toward Silver and Gold Certification.

How to Adapt a Gold Standard Project for Online Learning – April 15, 12pm PT
Join this PBL Works webinar to learn how to adapt a project for online learning.

Solutions for Sticky Problems of Practice for PBL Online – April 22, 12pm PT
This PBL Works webinar will begin addressing the challenges teachers are encountering as they design and facilitate PBL online.

Equitable Digital Teaching and Learning for College and Career Pathways Sheltering in Place – on demand
In the span of a few weeks, sweeping actions intended to slow the spread of COVID-19 across our nation have created unprecedented new educational realities for families, schools, and partners. Some of these realities are familiar but intensified; educators may find themselves taking on new roles, even serving students and families on the front lines of this crisis. Other realities may feel very different, full of opportunity to shift our systems in ways that previously seemed impossible. Listen to this webinar from ConnectED to learn more about ensuring equity during this unusual time.

Virtual Portfolio Defense Toolkit – April 12 and 16, 1pm PT
As schools and districts lean into performance assessment systems, Envision Learning Partners (ELP) has developed a virtual toolkit designed for learning communities at all levels of experience, whether your school or district has had kids defending their learning for years or you see this as your first opportunity to try. Join these webinars to learn more about the toolkit and to ask practitioners and experts questions as you work to put the toolkit into action.


Social Emotional Learning: Why It’s Important and the Impact of Teachers and Schools – May 8, 12pm PT
During this webinar hosted by PACE, researchers will review the evidence of validity of CORE's survey, describe the relationship between SEL and other outcomes, and discuss the impact of classrooms and schools in social-emotional development.

Integrated Student Supports: Frameworks and Strategies
– on demand
This webinar from the Alliance features a description of the student supports implementation framework from A Guide to Integrated Student Supports for College and Career Pathways: Lessons from Linked Learning High Schools. The framework incorporates supports for academic learning, technical learning, workplace learning, college and career knowledge, and social and emotional learning.


Problem-Solving: Moving Dual Enrollment Online – April 16, 10am PT
Two webinars remain in this Career Ladders Project (CLP) weekly series. CLP invites dual enrollment partners to discuss a wide variety of issues related to accelerated college opportunities as districts move to deliver these experiences virtually.

Problem-Solving: Moving Guided Pathways Online – Wednesdays, April 15 through 29, 11am PT
Join this webinar series hosted by CLP to hear how others across California are working through emerging issues and addressing equity challenges related to moving Guided Pathways redesign.

Moving Student Supports Online – Wednesdays, April 15 through 29, 2pm PT
Join this webinar series hosted by CLP to learn how practitioners and leaders are working through emerging issues in student support services.


Day at Work Video Series – on demand
ConnectED’s video collection helps students virtually explore interesting jobs and gain insights into the skills and competencies needed to thrive in those jobs. With over 10 million views and counting, the collection is one of their most widely accessed resources.

Virtual Work-based Learning: Part 1 – on demand
This webinar from ConnecED shows how students do career research using their Day at Work video library and lesson plans from the Exploring College, Career, and Community Options (ECCCO) curriculum. These free resources help students explore their interests as well as potential jobs and careers, and require a relatively small lift for educators and parents in terms of access to technology.

Virtual Work-based Learning: Part 2 – on demand
How can educators provide students with an experience where they can interact with industry professions—even amid the COVID-19 pandemic? In this webinar, ConnectED explores several strategies and resources for providing students work-based learning opportunities through online and other creative outlets. Practitioners in the field also share promising practices as well as ongoing challenges.

Creating Systems for High-Quality, Integrated Work-Based Learning Opportunities – Wednesday, April 29 1pm PT
Stay tuned for an invitation to a Linked Learning Alliance webinar that looks at the core structures needed to deliver engaging work-based learning opportunities amid COVID-19.

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