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Linked Learning Alliance Welcomes Emily Passias as Vice President of Policy

November 1, 2021

For Immediate Release
November 1, 2021
Rachel Zaentz
Linked Learning Alliance

SAN FRANCISCO—Today, the Linked Learning Alliance (the Alliance) is pleased to welcome Emily Passias as vice president of policy. Emily brings more than a decade of experience designing and implementing state policies that create the conditions for students to benefit from high-quality, college and career-connected learning experiences. Emily will play a key role in supporting the Alliance’s deepening and expanding role in transforming K-12 education systems in California and nationwide through Linked Learning.

Emily joins the Alliance with great expertise in policy development, advocacy, research, and data analysis. Prior to joining the Alliance, Emily addressed equity gaps in career readiness experiences through transformative work at Education Strategy Group and the Ohio Department of Education. At Education Strategy Group, Emily led state and local initiatives designed to create and reimagine career pathways to ensure they embed early postsecondary learning opportunities and work-based learning that culminate in credentials of value.

Through varied professional experiences at the Ohio Department of Education, Emily provided leadership and oversight for all career-technical education programs for the State of Ohio. She also developed and implemented policy and programs related to career readiness, career-technical education, high school graduation requirements, the state accountability and assessment systems, and the state’s industry-recognized credential initiatives. While at the Ohio Department of Education, Emily designed the nation’s first A-F report card focused on career-technical education quality, pathways that honor college and career-based learning and culminate in credentials of value, and an equity lab model that guides and supports educators as they work to ensure equity in pathway experiences.

“Emily is exactly the right leader for this next stage of the Alliance’s work,” said Anne Stanton, Linked Learning Alliance president and CEO. “Emily’s commitment to developing policies that support high-quality student-centered experiences will help the Alliance to keep more young people connected to purpose and engaged about their path forward.”

Linked Learning is a proven approach to education dedicated to the idea that students work harder and dream bigger when their learning connects with them and connects them to the world. Linked Learning addresses the complex academic, social, emotional, and economic needs of young people. It combines four components: rigorous academics, career technical education, work-based learning, and comprehensive support services.

The Linked Learning Alliance works at the intersection of strategic communications, policy development and advocacy, and on-the-ground practice. In collaboration with a robust field of educators, industry partners, and community leaders the Alliance builds the public and political will for Linked Learning, advances intersegmental connections, and scales high-quality Linked Learning practice.

Research finds that students who participate in Linked Learning during high school are more likely to accumulate more credits, graduate high school, and pursue higher education than their peers. These findings are particularly robust for youth who enter high school with low prior academic achievement, students of color, and English Learners.

“Linked Learning brings together the pieces that are so often treated as distinct components of a student's educational experience: rigorous academic preparation to ensure learners are ready for postsecondary experiences, high-quality career technical education to ensure learners have the technical training they need to pursue their career aspirations, robust work-based learning experiences to build professional skills and social capital, and the comprehensive supports to ensure that all the pieces work in coordination,” reflected Emily. “I'm excited to leverage my policy and analytic experience in service of creating equitable, excellent education experiences for young people.”


About the Linked Learning Alliance
The Linked Learning Alliance is the engine that drives a movement to help every young person determine their own future through a proven approach to education called Linked Learning. Linked Learning integrates rigorous academics with real-world learning and strong support services to prepare students for success in college, career, and life. The Alliance helps create public will for equity and excellence in education, elevate the practice of Linked Learning across America, and advance policies that serve and support all youth.