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Linked Learning Alliance Praises Budget Agreement on Career Technical Education, an Essential Component of Linked Learning

June 18, 2015 | Linked Learning Alliance

SACRAMENTO – The Linked Learning Alliance congratulates Governor Jerry Brown and Legislature for agreeing to fund the California Career Technical Education Incentive Grant program. This competitive grant program will provide $900 million over the next three years to help schools provide high-quality, sequenced career technical education (CTE) that is integrated with college preparatory academics. The integration of CTE and rigorous academics, work-based learning, and supports for students, are core components of Linked Learning, an approach that prepares students for college and career.

“The unprecedented $400 million included in this budget to expand meaningful CTE opportunities will help thousands of students prepare for a full range of college and career options after high school,” said Darrell Steinberg, Chairman of the Linked Learning Alliance Board of Directors. “This investment builds on the Career Pathways Trust grant program, which has led regions to building and expanding Linked Learning pathways aligned with regional economic priorities.”

The CTE Incentive Grant funds must be used for programs that reflect regional workforce and labor market and encourage long term investment in high-growth career training while preparing students for post-secondary education. To be eligible, applicants must offer high quality curriculum and instruction aligned with the California Career Technical Education Model Curriculum Standards.

“The Linked Learning approach is effective at closing achievement gaps and preparing students for college and career,” said Christopher Cabaldon, Executive Director of the Linked Learning Alliance. “The agreement reached by the Governor and Legislature will incentivize schools to work with industry partners in providing high-quality, sequenced technical training integrated with rigorous academic coursework. This grant program will help students across the state to gain skills and earn credentials valued by employers while also preparing them for college. Educators and employers collaborating on applications for these funds should draw inspiration from the success of Linked Learning to prepare students for college and career.”

Once AB 104, the budget trailer bill authorizing the CTE Incentive Grant program, is passed by the Legislature and signed by the Governor, the California Department of Education will administer the grant. Districts, charter schools, and Regional Occupational Centers in California would be eligible to apply.

The Linked Learning Alliance is a statewide coalition of education, industry, and community organizations dedicated to improving California’s high schools and preparing students for success in college, career, and life.

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