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Linked Learning Alliance Congratulates the Second Round of CTE Incentive Grant Recipients

March 14, 2016 | Linked Learning Alliance

March 14, 2016

Hilary McLean, Executive Vice President

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Linked Learning Alliance Congratulates the Second Round of CTE Incentive Grant Recipients

SACRAMENTO, CA – The Linked Learning Alliance today congratulated the districts and regional occupational centers that were awarded a nearly $400 million in Career Technical Education(CTE) Incentive Grant funds by the California State Board of Education last week.
“The Linked Learning Alliance congratulates the districts and regional occupational centers that have qualified for CTE Incentive Grant funding to expand high quality CTE,” said Darrell Steinberg, Chair of the Linked Learning Alliance Board of Directors. “When integrated with college preparatory academics, work-based learning, and student supports, high quality, sequenced CTE helps students prepare for college success while gaining skills they need to be successful in their future careers. The CTE Incentive Grant program is an accelerant for districts that are working to expand Linked Learning opportunities for students and builds on our state’s investment in this approach through the California Career Pathways Trust.
“As districts and regional occupational centers and programs use the CTE Incentive Grant dollars it is up to all of us to make sure that they are being spent in ways that expand opportunities for students. By insisting that high quality, sequenced CTE courses are integrated with rigorous academics, work-based learning, and supports for students we will ensure that students will be prepared for success in college and gain 21st century skills that employers demand.”
Enacted in 2015, CTE Incentive Grant program provides $396 million this year to help qualifying schools and ROCPs across California provide high-quality, sequenced career technical education. This is the second round of awards made through the CTE Incentive Grant program. In this round of grants, the California Department of Education awarded funds to 669 local educational agencies, 23 of which will initiate CTE programs for the very first time using these resources.
Providing high quality, sequenced career technical education is one of the four pillars of Linked Learning, which integrates CTE with college preparatory academics, work-based learning, and supports for students. The Linked Learning approach is a transformative high school improvement strategy which is producing significantly positive outcomes for students. More than half of the districts awarded CTE Incentive Grant program grants already provide some Linked Learning aligned instruction.
Based on a five year evaluation of certified Linked Learning pathways, Linked Learning students describe themselves as more engaged and successful in school, earn more credits in the first three years of high school, report greater confidence in their life and career skills, and say they are experiencing more rigorous, integrated and relevant instruction than their peers. In addition, Linked Learning students graduate at higher rates than students statewide and are more likely to attend college.
The Linked Learning Alliance will be hosting a summer institute for CTE Incentive Grant winners to share best practices and strategies on how the funding can be used to support high quality Linked Learning.
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The Linked Learning Alliance is a statewide coalition of education, industry, and community organizations dedicated to improving California’s high schools and preparing students for success in college, career, and life. Established in May 2008, the Linked Learning Alliance aims to build a collective voice and coordinate efforts to expand access to Linked Learning in California-an approach to high school that integrates rigorous academics with real-world learning opportunities in fields of engineering, health care, performing arts, law, and more. |