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Linked Learning Alliance Applauds Governor Newsom’s 2020–2021 Budget Proposal

January 21, 2020 | Anne Stanton

The Linked Learning Alliance applauds Governor Newsom’s proposed budget for recognizing the importance of creating a student-centered education system. It sends a clear message: Providing students with a continuum of integrated supports across the educational journey is critical to ensuring success in both college and career.

Community Schools

There is solid evidence in the research base and in practitioner experience of Linked Learning showing that well-designed student supports and interventions that scaffold instruction in classrooms and other learning settings contribute to the educational persistence and success of all students—and especially to the persistence of those who enter high school with academic challenges.

The governor’s proposed investment in Community School grants will expand and coordinate access to student supports and services, including mental and behavioral health services, and provide additional learning opportunities for students and educators to improve student equity and success. Integrated student supports that meet the developmental needs of each young person to equip all young people for a successful transition to college and career are a key aspect of Linked Learning Certification, the highest standard in college and career readiness. This type of investment can help transform schools into communities that support and motivate students to work harder and dream bigger as they work towards their postsecondary and career goals.

California’s System of Support

Coordination of early learning with the K–12 and postsecondary systems is an especially critical element to realizing the goal that all students graduate college- and career-ready, and the Alliance endorses Gov. Newsom’s efforts to provide “cradle to career” supports that are coherent and part of a well-integrated system. Breaking down the silos in our education system and better connecting the dots is critical to ensuring more students transition seamlessly to and through high school to postsecondary education and the careers that will fuel the state’s economy into the future.

Teacher Recruitment, Support and Retention

We appreciate the Governor’s bold proposals to support teachers and paraprofessionals through professional learning initiatives in a variety of key areas, including inclusive practices for students in special education, supporting English language learners, social-emotional learning and restorative practices, multi-tiered systems of support, and computer science, technology, engineering, and math. Building the capacity of educators goes a long way in helping them to provide engaging, high-quality learning experiences that combine college and career preparation.

The Alliance gives great credit to the work that is being proposed to address the recruitment and retention of teachers. In fact, teacher shortages in high-need subject areas and communities represent a key equity issue. By making strategic investments that help teacher credential candidates who commit to working in areas of high need, in conjunction with more teacher training, the state is positioning itself to build an educator pipeline to meet the needs of all students for years to come.

Taken as a whole, these proposed investments signal Gov. Newsom’s commitment to bringing educators from across systems together with community organizations to achieve better outcomes for young people and their families. The Alliance shares these commitments and looks forward to the day when we put every student in position to light their own path and succeed in high school and beyond.