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Linked Learning Alliance Announces Gold and Silver Certification for 41 College and Career Pathways Across California—Including Several Firsts for the Field

October 17, 2023 | Linked Learning Alliance

October 17, 2023

Alice Chiang
Linked Learning Alliance

Linked Learning Alliance Announces Gold and Silver Certification for 41 College and Career Pathways Across California—Including Several Firsts for the Field

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — College and career pathways at high schools in San Bernardino City Unified School District, Antelope Valley Union High School District, and Long Beach Unified School District have achieved Gold Certificationfor their exemplary implementation of the Linked Learning approach. Among 41 newly certified pathways across the state, those achieving Gold meet the highest quality standards in college and career preparation. They exemplify valuable, rigorous learning experiences that are attuned to real-world opportunities—and are advancing their communities toward educational and economic justice.

Linked Learning pathways integrate rigorous college prep academics with technical coursework that is relevant to the needs of local employers. They offer students work-based learning experiences aligned with their classes and provide support services to help students graduate ready for entry into college and career. Research shows that quality implementation is key to Linked Learning experiences that deliver powerful student outcomes, improved workforce skills and social capital, and pronounced achievements among students in marginalized demographic groups.

The three school districts that are host to the newest Linked Learning Gold certified pathways also accomplished noteworthy firsts for their field.

The Health Science Pathway and Business and Technology Pathway at San Andreas High School in San Bernardino Unified School District are the first Gold certified pathways from a continuation high school, demonstrating that all students, including those in alternative education settings, can receive an engaging, high-quality education leading to promising career opportunities after high school. With its dedicated professional learning community and strong community partnerships, San Andreas is a model to high schools across the nation.

Gold certifications awarded to the Multimedia and Engineering Academy at Lancaster High School and Biomedical Science Academy at Eastside High School, in Antelope Valley Union High School District, showcase how a supportive community with strong school and district leadership can work together to advance student outcomes for college and career readiness. These two pathways are among the first to receive repeat Gold Certification. Locally, these pathways have proven the value of providing students with high-quality learning experiences tied to the regional economy of the Antelope Valley and greater Los Angeles County.

The Engineering Academy and Criminal Justice and Investigation Academy at McBride High School in Long Beach Unified School District both received their second four-year Linked Learning Gold Certification. As a testament to their commitment to high-quality work, the pathways conducted a joint WASC and Gold certification review to help the Linked Learning community better understand the important connections between these two valuable processes and move toward closer alignment in supporting the school’s continuous improvement goals and stronger student outcomes.

This fall the Alliance also welcomes 35 new Silver pathways to their first full school year as certified Linked Learning experiences.

Antelope Valley Union High School District

  • Public Service Academy, Highland High School
  • Biomedical Science Academy, Littlerock High School
  • Palmdale High School Engineering, Palmdale High School

Colton Joint Unified School District

  • Health Education and Leadership (HEAL Medical), Colton High School

Fresno Unified School District

  • Biomedical Sciences & Technology, Edison High School
  • Innovative Design and Applied Technology Academy, Erma Duncan Polytechnical High
  • Medical Academy of Science and Health, Erma Duncan Polytechnical High
  • Arts, Media and Entertainment, Herbert Hoover High School
  • Eco-Tech, Herbert Hoover High School
  • Public Service, Herbert Hoover High School
  • Finance & Entrepreneurship, McLane High School
  • Business, Entrepreneurship, & Technology, Phillip J Patino School of Entrepreneurship
  • Health Academy, Roosevelt High School
  • Agriscience & Technology, Sunnyside High School
  • Health Sciences, Sunnyside High School
  • Multimedia & Marketing, Sunnyside High School

Long Beach Unified School District

  • ACE Academy, Jordan High School
  • AIMS Academy, Jordan High School
  • Cabrillo Engineering and Design, Cabrillo High School
  • Hospitality and Culinary Arts, Richard D. Browning High School

Pasadena Unified School District

  • Creative Arts Media and Design, Pasadena High School

Port of Los Angeles Charter High School

  • Welding Pathway

San Bernardino City Unified School District

  • AniVation Tech Academy, Arroyo Valley High School
  • Teaching Academy, Arroyo Valley High School
  • Automotive Technologies, Cajon High School
  • Theatre Arts, Cajon High School
  • Digital Design, Indian Springs High School
  • Health Academy, Indian Springs High School
  • Marketing & Advertising, Indian Springs High School
  • Technical Theatre, Indian Springs High School
  • Automotive Technology Pathway, San Gorgonio High School
  • Biomedical Science Academy, San Gorgonio High School
  • Childcare Occupations Pathway, San Gorgonio High School

San Diego Unified School District

  • Biomedical Science and Technology, Kearny School of Biomedical Science and Technology

Visalia Unified School District

  • Academy of Architecture & Engineering, Redwood High School

“This fresh cohort of certified Linked Learning pathways bodes well for students and communities across our state—especially now,” said Anne Stanton, President and CEO of the Linked Learning Alliance. “In a moment when the Golden State Pathways Program and other state and national initiatives are poised to transform education in alignment with the gains we’ve been able to achieve through Linked Learning, these districts and schools are at the vanguard.”


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