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Keep Us Linked to a Prosperous Future

February 9, 2022 | Linked Learning Alliance

We are proud to announce the launch of Keep Us Linked, a campaign to support investments in high-quality, evidence-based college and career readiness initiatives in the California State Budget.

We can link academic learning with hands-on career experience, accelerated college opportunities, mentorship, and a clear path to college and career. With these proposed investments, first outlined in Governor Gavin Newsom's budget blueprint and further detailed in the K-12 Omnibus Trailer Bill, we have a real opportunity to deepen and expand college and career preparation across the state. We can ensure young people thrive during their decade of difference, a transformative period between the ages of 14 and 24 where identities, outlooks, and aspirations take shape.

That’s where you come in. Students, parents, educators, higher education partners, industry leaders, and community voices have always been at the center of Linked Learning and the Alliance. Your dedication, passion, and expertise has driven this movement for over a decade. No one knows the life-changing potential access to high-quality college and career preparation has better than you. Join young people in calling on California leaders to Keep Us Linked to meaningful high school experiences, to seamless postsecondary transitions, to high-growth careers with family-sustaining wages, to the future all Californians deserve.

Join the Keep Us Linked Movement

There is so much exciting work ahead, and we hope you'll be with us every step of the way. Together we can make the case for high-quality college and career readiness investments. We've created an advocacy toolkit filled with social media materials, information on contacting your legislative representatives, ways to share the movement with your network, and more.

Explore the Keep Us Linked Toolkit

This work is only possible when we link together – K-12, higher education, industry, and community – and advocate for a commitment to adolescents during their decade of difference. By becoming a Keep Us Linked coalition partner, your school district, business, or community organization will be featured in this toolkit, the Keep Us Linked website, and Action Network. You'll have access to exclusive content, engagement opportunities, and more. We hope you'll join us the drive to keep young people linked to college, career, and purpose.

Become a Keep Us Linked Coalition Partner