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Press Release: California’s Trailblazing Education Accountability System includes College and Career Readiness

September 12, 2016 | Linked Learning Alliance

September 12, 2016

Hilary McLean, Executive Vice President | e: | t: 916.248.4848

SACRAMENTO, CA – The Linked Learning Alliance applauds the State Board of Education for approving a new school accountability system that integrates California’s first College and Career Readiness Indicator (CCI). The tool will help districts and high schools determine how prepared their students are for a range of post secondary opportunities.

“With these integrated metrics, the State Board took an important first step in ensuring all young people are more prepared for both college and career,” said Christopher Cabaldon, President of the Linked Learning Alliance.
In the former accountability system, districts often relied on test scores to measure student preparedness, which do not provide sufficient information on how districts can better support students who are falling behind. The new accountability system empowers districts and high schools to take into account multiple measures that make up a student’s education such as graduation rates, readiness for college and careers, test scores, and progress of English learners. As the state moves forward with implementation, the Linked Learning Alliance will continue to support the state’s effort to improve the college and career readiness indicator along its proposed schedule.


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