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Tiffany Holliday

Pathway Coach, Oakland High School, Oakland USD

Tiffany is a believer, leader, and practitioner of Linked Learning. The approach has never not been a part of her career in education. She began as a pathway teacher and lead for the Health Academy at Pinole Valley High School, and is now in her seventh year as a Pathway Coach at Oakland High School. There, she led the school’s transition from three independently run California Partnership Academies, to a wall-to-wall pathway school with six Linked Learning Certified pathways. Tiffany gets her energy and motivation from working with the most dedicated, passionate, and equity-driven teachers who are continually creating amazing experiences and opportunities for Oakland youth. Together they have worked to create the most equitably structured high school in Oakland while also steadily raising graduation rates by fifteen percent over the last five years. At home Tiffany has a toddler and an infant and loves seeing the world come to life through their eyes.