Linked Learning in California

Linked Learning addresses some of the fundamental challenges facing California’s high schools. Many traditional academic programs do not feel relevant to students’ lives and aspirations. At the same time, traditional career and technical education (CTE) often lacks the academic rigor required for access to and success in college. Linked Learning provides students of all levels and abilities with the best possible chance for success in college and career.

Linked Learning allows students to apply classroom knowledge in real-world situations. Through its integration of college- and career-readiness practices, Linked Learning ensures that every student will be equipped with the necessary experience and training to succeed as a skilled member of the California workforce.

Linked Learning High Schools & Academies

A broad and diverse community of educators, employers, policymakers, and community-based organizations champion Linked Learning, aiming to expand and improve programs and offer them to more students across the state. The Linked Learning Alliance, a statewide coalition comprising over 250 educators, industry professionals, and community leaders, is a hub of information and works to build awareness about Linked Learning, advocate for policies that support high-quality implementation, and expand Linked Learning opportunities for students.

An important member of the Linked Learning Alliance, ConnectEd (The California Center for College and Career), helps districts build systems of high-quality Linked Learning pathways by developing tools, supporting demonstrations, providing technical assistance and professional development, leading collaboration efforts, and promoting policies that expand Linked Learning overall. The National Academy Foundation, the Career Academy Support Network and the Center for Powerful Public Schools are other key providers of technical assistance to Linked Learning pathways and districts.

Linked Learning also is supported by students and parents around the state who are passionate about improving education for all high school students and helping them to be successful in school and career.