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New Campaign Wants to Prove ‘College Is Worth It’

The National Association of System Heads begins an initiative to bolster the public’s view of higher education by demonstrating—and where necessary improving—how the institutions drive social mobility and individual "prosperity."

December 9, 2022 | Inside Higher Ed
How Higher Ed Can Help Remedy K-12 Learning Losses

Low national scores have spurred discussion of how K-12 schools can improve student performance. Experts think institutions of higher education can help.

October 26, 2022 | Inside Higher Ed
Teaching as a Transferrable Skill

The ability to help others learn can be applied in almost any job, and graduate students should develop it as soon as they can, writes Lauren Easterling.

October 24, 2022 | Inside Higher Ed
Higher Ed Failing Students as They Navigate College and Career

Providing better service to students must go well beyond just being friendlier and making office hours more convenient, writes Seth Bodnar of the University of Montana.

October 13, 2022 | Inside Higher Ed
California Remedial Ed Reform Advances, but Inequities Remain

California community colleges have made progress in reducing remedial math course offerings, but inequities in access to credit-bearing courses persist, according to a new report by the California Acceleration Project, a faculty-driven effort to monitor and guide remedial education reform within the system.

August 17, 2022 | Inside Higher Ed
Leveling the Playing Field for Social Capital

One emerging higher ed trend is a slate of educational technology interventions that promise to bolster students’ social capital. A recent paper from the Christensen Institute discusses that landscape and says the tools can help campus administrators measure and understand the extent of their students’ social capital and expand them for the neediest students.

August 5, 2022 | Inside Higher Ed
Survey: Conflicting Views of Higher Education

The sixth annual New America survey on higher education shows public support, though still strong, has waned and varies by age and political affiliation.

July 26, 2022 | Inside Higher Ed
Lots of Talk About Diversity, but the Numbers Don’t Budge

For all the talk in higher ed about increasing diversity, historically marginalized racial and ethnic populations are still underrepresented among college students, faculty and administrators, according to a new report from McKinsey & Company.

July 20, 2022 | Inside Higher Ed
First in the Family Make Their Mark in College

While first-generation college students’ backgrounds and challenges are unique to the individual, they tend to have high expectations and multifaceted postgraduation goals—plus complex support needs.

July 19, 2022 | Inside Higher Ed