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Is It Time We Add Career-Focused Pennants To The Walls Of High Schools?

Why did the school only line the hallways with pennants from colleges and universities? Where were the pennants for our local businesses, state-headquartered companies, regional industry leaders, and even global brands, asks Whiteboard Advisors' Alison Griffin.

December 14, 2022 | Forbes
4 Pillars for Career Development

Progression throughout careers is usually anything but orderly and linear, though it may feel like that when listening to stories of people's lives. Professors Jim Bright and Rober Pryor outline key approaches that can be used to help cope with uncertainty and successfully progress through careers.

June 23, 2022 | Forbes
After High School, Then What? New Grants Are Making The 13th Year Possible

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation just awarded twelve $175,000 grants. The goal? To create more dual enrollment opportunities for students who may never otherwise consider college.

June 6, 2022 | Forbes
Can Connections Between Data Systems Propel Economic Recovery? Three States Say Yes.

It is vital that all stakeholders — from learners and workers to educators, employers, and policymakers — better understand the education and training programs designed to meet labor market needs, writes Alison Griffin.

December 9, 2021 | Forbes
Why America Needs A Better Bridge Between School And Career

Coming out of the crisis, providing more workers with pathways to economic stability will depend in large part on forging stronger connections between education and economic opportunity, andis an opportune moment to re-evaluate the country’s fundamental approach to human capital development writes Joseph B. Fuller and Rachel Lipson.

June 14, 2021 | Forbes
Repairing The Broken Connection Between College And Career

Michael Collins, vice president at Jobs For the Future and co-editor of the new book, Teaching Students About the World of Work: A Challenge to Postsecondary Education, shares his reflections on the connection between education and employment, the inequities in career preparation exposed by Covid-19 and why—now more than ever—higher education must focus on preparing students for a rapidly changing world of work.

May 20, 2020 | Forbes
New Report Shows Large Gaps In College Progress Based On Whether Students Attend High- Or Low-Income High Schools

If you graduate from a high school attended by a high percentage of low-income students, you’re half as likely to graduate from college six years later than if you come from a low-poverty high school.

October 8, 2019 | Forbes
This Is The One Critical Piece We’re Missing When It Comes To Learning And Deep Understanding

How many times have you sat in a classroom and felt like you were listening to Charlie Brown's teacher? Most of us have sat in classes, business or faculty meetings with the thought, "Not again."

September 13, 2019 | Forbes
College Board Is Dropping The 'Adversity Score.' Good.

The College Board announced today that it is dropping its recent plan to calculate an "adversity score" for students who take the SAT. David Coleman, CEO of the College Board admitted, "The idea of a single score was wrong. It was confusing and created the misperception that the indicators are specific to an individual student.”

August 22, 2019 | Forbes
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