Golden State Pathways

The Golden State Pathways Program creates a new competitive grant program to improve college and career readiness in California high schools. The program dedicates funding to high school approaches like Linked Learning, which seamlessly blends college preparation with career technical learning for students of all abilities—providing them with a full range of experiences and support so they can choose college or career or both after graduating high school. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to transform our educational systems, meaningfully engage our young people, and develop the workforce of tomorrow, and the Linked Learning Alliance is here to support your district in implementing the Golden State Pathways Program funds.

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Golden State Pathways Elements

  • Integrated program of study that includes A-G and at least one other element of the College/Career Indicator
  • Opportunity for at least 12 postsecondary credits applicable to a degree or certification program through California College and Career Access Pathway, Advanced Placement, or International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme
  • Work-based learning opportunities, with an emphasis on internships and apprenticeships
  • An integrated standards-based academics with a career-relevant, sequenced curriculum following industry-themed pathways that are aligned to high skill, high-wage, high-growth jobs in their regional economy and/or the state economy
  • Articulated pathways from high school to postsecondary education and training that are aligned with the workforce development needs of their regional economy
  • Collaboration with other local educational agencies, institutions of higher education, local and regional employers, and other relevant community interest holders to develop, or expand upon the availability of, innovative college and career pathways that align with their regional labor market needs

Supporting Your Golden State Pathways Journey

The Linked Learning Alliance is here to support your district to develop high-quality Golden State Pathways using the Linked Learning approach. We offer a wide range of coaching, capacity building, networks, and more to ensure your educators, partners, and community are set up for successful college and career pathway work.

Ensuring the GSP dollars result in increased college completion, meaningful employment, and equitable outcomes will require increased coherence across our education and workforce systems. To meet this moment, the Linked Learning Alliance is teaming up with Career Ladders Project and The Education Trust–West to co-lead an effort called Fast Forward California.

Our aim is to address the persistent gaps between our K–12, higher education, and workforce systems to accelerate students on the path to both college and career success.



of students support the California State Legislature’s Golden State Pathways Program investments.


of students wish that other students could have the same opportunity to experience a college and career pathway.


of students feel their high school experience in a college and career pathway has been valuable.

“I support the California Legislature’s proposal because I think it’s a great opportunity for other students… I believe every high school student should have an experience similar to mine.”

- Junior, San Bernardino City Unified School District

“I believe...this program would be really helpful to a lot of students who wish to further learn their passion or make career decisions after high school. [These programs] should be strongly advocated for.”

- Senior, Porterville Unified School District

How Golden State Pathways Connect the Dots

Golden State Pathways work in concert with existing college and career preparation efforts taking place in California communities today. Sharing common goals and characteristics, these programs can only deliver the pronounced, statewide results we want to see if we implement them in coordination with each other, and in alignment with each community’s vision of college and career readiness.