About the Linked Learning Alliance

We lead a movement to connect all youth to college, career, and purpose. Educators, employers, and communities across the country are working hard to establish accelerated, seamless learning experiences that lead to meaningful credentials and careers. We’re here to help them go farther, faster, together.


Every young person deserves to determine their own future. From ages 14 to 24, identities, aspirations, and abilities take shape—yet too often young people disconnect from their learning during this formative time. This decade of difference is prime time for education systems and communities to act with intention in the interest of each young person, social equity, and the future of the workforce.


The Alliance partners with education systems as they engage youth, strengthen workforce readiness, and advance equity and economic justice through Linked Learning.

Our actions drive:

  • Rigor and quality enhancement of Linked Learning practice
  • Research that establishes evidence and informs learning
  • Communications that enhance public understanding and center student and educator voices
  • Policy and resources needed for success

Our team includes practice, policy, and communication experts working to strengthen and amplify the efforts of Linked Learning practitioners.

Linked Learning: The Dream Begins

The Alliance is working toward a future when every young person can get on a pathway to the career and life they want—with real economic mobility and freedom.

Let's Talk

Contact Anne Stanton, President, to explore ways your investment and partnership can help bring Linked Learning to life for more students during their decade of difference. For themselves, for their communities, and for the future.