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What is Linked Learning? Educators, Leaders, and Alumni Share Insights and Best Practices on Adopting the Linked Learning Approach

October 26, 2022

Students, educators, and families are finding that our current approach to academic and career technical education is not meaningful, relevant, or preparing young people for the full range of college and career opportunities they deserve. How do we prepare students for success and provide them the tools to thrive? As communities begin to recover from the economic and educational impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has never been a better time to reimagine college and career preparation.

On Wednesday, October 12th, the Linked Learning Alliance brought together educators, school and district leaders, and alumni to share experiences, tips, and best practices on how to get started with Linked Learning. Ramón Sanchez from Dinuba High School spoke to the importance that Linked Learning has brought to their team in working together more effectively and ultimately improving the quality experiences their students are receiving. Dinuba High School’s Construction Management Academy is the first in California’s Central Valley to receive Linked Learning Gold Certification. In addition, we heard from Renee Shipman and Carrie Wiley of the Long Beach Unified School District on how they have implemented “wall to wall” Linked Learning pathways across their district. Panelists and presenters during the webinar included:

  • Kerin Coffey, Biomedical Science Coordinator, Eastside High School, Antelope Valley Union School District
  • Marlon De Silva, Linked Learning Alumni, Hollywood High School Class of 2016; Assistant Editor, NBCUniversal Media LLC
  • Hernán Gallo, Linked Learning Alumni, Life Academy High School Class of 2013; Manager of External Relations at Linked Learning Alliance
  • Ramón Sanchez, Lead Teacher, Construction Management Academy, Dinuba High School, Dinuba Unified School District
  • Renee Shipman, Assistant Director, Pathway Development, Long Beach Unified School District
  • Carrie Wiley, Program Administrator, College & Career Readiness, Long Beach Unified School District

To see the full recording of the webinar, click here.

About the Linked Learning Approach

Linked Learning began over a decade ago with nine pilot districts across California committed to systemically transforming education. The success from this pilot program drove a large investment from the California state legislature, allowing the movement to deepen and expand beyond the initial pilot. Today, the Linked Learning movement serves over 130,000 students in over 80 districts nationwide through 450 Linked Learning pathways.

And now, Linked Learning is taking place in schools and districts throughout the country in a variety of contexts. We want to make sure that everyone in this movement has the tools and insights they need to implement with quality in their particular community, so more students and communities can thrive using the Linked Learning approach.

The Alliance leads a movement to help every young person determine their own future. We support education systems and communities as they engage youth, strengthen workforce readiness, and advance equity and economic justice through Linked Learning.