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Power of Plus on the Path Ahead

April 30, 2024 | Linked Learning Alliance

If you were one of the hundreds of Linked Learning educators, workforce and postsecondary partners, and civic leaders joining us at Linked Learning Conference 2024 earlier this month, the Alliance wants to say thank you—and also ask, what inspired you?

We’re still reflecting on:

The affirmation of sharing and learning side-by-side with incredible thinkers and doers in our field. The recognition that this is work worth doing—and that together, we can champion success for students and communities across California and beyond. And the purpose embodied by the Linked Learning students and alumni in our midst—impressive, expressive, powerful young people who remind us why it matters to connect career experiences with classroom learning, and college prep with an equity mindset.

You brought our theme, Pathmakers: Leading the Way to Prosperity, Equity, and Purpose, to life! You were fully present for this opportunity to learn and connect. And that should be no surprise, given how you show up for young people every day. We were honored to host classroom teachers, CTE instructors, superintendents, top U.S. and California officials, proud parents, and remarkable students. We witnessed hugs in the hallway, high-fives, heartfelt applause, and eye-opening “a-has” on a wide range of topics.

We know that many of you left with practical strategies and practices you can put to work in your classrooms and communities.

All of it—the relevance, relationships, and results we’ve been able to achieve and deepen together at conference—will be important in our push for implementation that delivers on the promise of next-generation equity and excellence. And all of us—in our distinct roles and contexts—are needed to make good on the opportunity before us. We experienced the power of plus at the conference in real time, and we hope you did too.

Stay tuned to the Alliance blog and social media for highlights and action steps as we push ahead. And please keep us posted on opportunities, challenges, and strides afoot where you live.