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Golden State Pathways Program Opens Request for Implementation Grants

January 31, 2024 | Linked Learning Alliance

The Linked Learning Alliance is pleased to share that the California Department of Education is now requesting applications for the second round of Golden State Pathways Program grants. These grants – for Planning & Implementation as an individual organization or as a Consortium - will fuel the work of school districts and other local education agencies as they collaborate across their regions, developing college and career pathways that equitably prepare young people for success in the high-wage, high-growth fields of today and tomorrow.

We appreciate the ways that educators and employers, parents and students have come together to first secure and then continue to safeguard this vital investment in young people and our future. You’ve shared your voices and stories. Advocated for what really matters. Lived up to the highest standards of quality pathways implementation and improvement.

This is what being part of the Linked Learning field is all about, and we couldn’t be more grateful for the role you’re playing in making sure the GSPP is the historic investment in equity and excellence that it is intended to be—because it builds on educational principles proven to help students thrive and bring about economic justice for all young people.

If you’re part of the Linked Learning field, you understand that with implementation grants at the ready, it’s go time. If you’re a new partner ready to bring your expertise to this work, we welcome you. Success in this venture will require breaking down silos and achieving coherence across systems. As regions begin to implement, braid funding, and build connected and supportive learning experiences, the Alliance is here to lend support and insight in any way we can—including at this year’s Linked Learning Conference, where we’ll gather hundreds of field leaders and experts who are charting viable paths to transforming our education and workforce systems, with student at the center.

This is an exciting, important time. Please join us if you can—at the conference, and as we continue to work together to bring the GSPP to life in California communities.