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Accomplished Educator and Community Leader Gary Yee Joins Linked Learning Alliance Board

May 17, 2023 | Linked Learning Alliance

The Linked Learning Alliance today announces the appointment of Gary Yee to its board of directors. Yee joins the strong and diverse board that guides the Alliance’s work to accelerate the adoption of high-quality educational pathways that engage adolescents, strengthen workforce readiness, and advance equity and economic justice.

Yee’s background as a teacher, administrator, interim superintendent, and Director of the Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) Board of Education has been instrumental in fostering the profound impact of Linked Learning pathways in the Oakland community. This deep, first-hand experience uniquely positions Yee to help guide the Alliance’s efforts to ensure the effective local implementation of the Golden State Pathways program in communities throughout California.

In addition to his roles with OUSD, Yee has also served in higher education as Vice Chancellor for the Peralta Community College District and Faculty Chair of the Education Department at Holy Names University. Previously, he served as Director of the Oakland Education Cabinet and of the Safe Passages community health initiative. He was also a consultant for the Career Ladders Project.

In 2014, Yee joined fellow OUSD Board of Education member David Kakishiba and several community-based organizations in successfully advocating for the passage of Measure N, a city-wide Parcel Tax. This groundbreaking measure secured an impressive $115 million in funding over ten years. Its primary objective was to expand Linked Learning opportunities to every high school student in the district, with a steadfast commitment to excellence and equity.

Consistent implementation and evaluation of Measure N, based on the Linked Learning approach, has yielded remarkable student outcomes, and high school graduation rates have soared, especially for Black and Brown students. More Oakland students have also completed meaningful internships and taken dual enrollment college courses, preparing them for college and career success.

These results led to widespread community support for Linked Learning. In 2022, the Board, with Yee as President, asked voters to reauthorize funding for an additional 12 years, and it passed by an even greater majority. Measure H secures ongoing funding for integrated college and career preparation programs in OUSD high schools, with clear expectations and public accountability for student success. Yee’s leadership in this process underscores his commitment to lasting change, public accountability, and real opportunities for students to thrive in their academic and professional journeys.

“For the past decade, I have witnessed the transformative power of Linked Learning to prepare students for the full range of postsecondary options,” said Yee. “I look forward to leaning into my background as an education practitioner and community leader to expand the reach and impact of Linked Learning throughout California and beyond. Every city and school district needs to know that Linked Learning works. Together with students, educators, and employers, we can collectively realize a vision for success for every young person.”

The Linked Learning approach integrates rigorous academics with real-world learning and strong support services to help young people discover their purpose and inspire them to succeed in college and career. A multiyear independent evaluation shows that students in certified Linked Learning pathways have decreased dropout rates, higher graduation rates, more credits earned, more college preparatory courses completed, and improved 21st-century skills compared with similar peers in traditional high schools. Linked Learning has especially positive effects for students who start high school behind academically and for students of color.

“Gary possesses a genuine passion for redefining the learning experience so that it works for students and communities in real life,” said Anne Stanton, president of the Linked Learning Alliance. “We are incredibly fortunate to welcome this strategic and creative leader with a proven track record of implementing policies in a large, culturally diverse urban district in ways that connect schools and communities and close opportunity gaps. With Gary’s invaluable experience, we foresee even greater strides toward excellence and empowerment for all students.”


The Linked Learning Alliance leads a movement to connect all youth to college, career, and purpose. We partner with education systems to accelerate the adoption of high-quality Linked Learning educational pathways that engage adolescents, strengthen workforce readiness, and advance equity and economic justice. Our actions drive rigor and improvement in the Linked Learning practice, research that establishes evidence and informs learning, communications that enhance public understanding and center the voices of students and educators, and the supportive policy and resources required for success.