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As a hub for the Linked Learning movement, the Alliance offers research, stories, and tools that help people understand the impact of Linked Learning and implement this approach at high levels of quality.

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Linked Learning Youth Survey

Student Insights on the 2022 School Year, State Policy, and More

Our state’s economic development depends on the success of students like those in LinkedLearning pathways. With nearly $2 billion proposed in the California State budget to invest in college and career readiness through approaches like high-quality pathways and dual enrollment, it’s even more important to understand the impact these experiences have on California’s young people—and to bring their needs and aspirations into the statewide conversation. The Linked Learning Alliance is fielding a survey of young people in Linked Learning college and career pathways throughout the state. This document presents preliminary findings.

Communications, College & Career Readiness, COVID19, Policy, Postsecondary, Rigorous Academics, Student Supports, Work-Based Learning

This guide is meant to support pathway teams and reviewers through the Gold Certification review process.

Pathway Improvement, Certification

Linked Learning pathways deliver high-quality academics in concert with career-technical education and work-based learning opportunities, access to early college credit, and integrated student supports. First piloted in nine California districts in 2009, LinkedLearning is now embraced as the high school strategy for a growing number of districts across the state and beyond. Today Linked Learning is at work in more than 50 California school districts, with 400 educational pathways operating in 195 high schools.

Communications, General

The more than $2 billion in state funding for Golden State Pathways (GSP) program and dual enrollment is a critical investment in youth during their decade of difference, a period from ages 14 to 24, when research shows young people develop their identities, dispositions, and lifelong aspirations. In California, too many are disconnecting from learning and their potential during this formative time, a reality exacerbated by the pandemic. We cannot afford to lose this talent.

Communications, Policy

January 2022 | Linked Learning Alliance

The Work-Based Learning Plan template can be used with your pathway team and partners to identify a sequence of activities that will significantly improve student career and college readiness.

Pathway Improvement, Work-Based Learning

January 2022 | Linked Learning Alliance

The Work-Based Learning Current State Analysis form will assist pathway teams in identifying the current state of their work-based learning and identify goals for future development.

Pathway Improvement, Work-Based Learning

November 2021 | Linked Learning Alliance

This document is a guide to the different sections, components, and features of the Linked Learning Alliance certification platform.

Pathway Improvement, Certification


Getting Started with Linked Learning
September 2021 | Linked Learning Alliance

Prepare your district with a framework of the systems and capacities essential to the Linked Learning approach, plus a roadmap for getting there.

In this Getting Started with Linked Learning guide for school districts, you’ll find information and resources to help you lay the groundwork for change, develop a robust plan for action, build capacity, implement the plan, continuously improve, and sustain momentum—no matter your starting point.

Pathway Improvement, Getting Started