What is Linked Learning to Me?






Linked Learning is technically a career path focus throughout high schools in California. But to me, Linked Learning is a valuable opportunity to care for my community and create projects that many individuals can benefit from.

As a senior, I often reflect on my Linked Learning experience and how these experiences have shaped my future. I was overjoyed to have been one of four students selected for an internship at Kaiser Permanente, Baldwin Park over the summer between junior and senior year. The experience there helped me decide that working directly with patients in a clinical setting is not what I want to do, but still want to work with people, and am thinking of international business management and photo-journalism. My interest in photo-journalism relates to my capstone project, as well as the two paid internships I have with Louis Vuitton and GMMB.

I also have an unpaid internship at a local community hospital, where I have the privilege of working in their business and marketing department. Working with many people on different projects in my Health Science class, as well as adapting to different work environments for my internships has enabled me to take responsibility for my deadlines, meet with business partners and prepare presentations, and learn from my mistakes.

Being in Linked Learning pathway has helped me grow as a student and as a person. Thanks to my internships, I now feel confident about presenting in front of people and collaborating with new people. Choosing a Linked Learning school is one of the best decisions I have made regarding my high school education. So, what is Linked Learning to me? It’s a once in a lifetime experience.