Equitable Master Scheduling

Master schedules structure the time, space, and resources within a school and district—and ultimately, the experience. As such, a master schedule should represent the culture, priorities, and values of a school community, including Linked Learning. This series provides school and district leaders both a process and practical strategies for master scheduling in ways that enable Linked Learning, equity, and opportunities.

For questions about this series, please contact pathways@linkedlearning.org.

About the Speaker

Cheryl Hibbeln is the president of IlluminatED Collective, a group of strategic education consultants focused on reimagining schooling to create future-ready learners. She is the former executive director of the Office of School Innovation and Integrated Youth Services for the San Diego Unified School District, and for 10 years was principal of California’s first Linked Learning certified school. Read her full bio.

This three-part series is hosted on Zoom. We encourage a minimum of four professionals per district to participate together in this series. This can include head counselors, counselors, school and district administrators, and lead teachers.

Cost: $1,200

Session 1: Building Strong Scheduling Teams

April 16, 2024
–11:00 am PT via Zoom

The team who sets and manages the master schedule must cultivate a pathway mindset to bring Linked Learning to life across a school or district. Participants in this session will grow in the confidence and know-how to make it happen.

Session 2: Making the Math Work

April 17, 2024
–11:00 am PT via Zoom

Clarifying the case. Securing the resources. Braiding funding sources. Participants in this session will learn strategies for protecting and prioritizing their Linked Learning pathways vision without breaking the budget.

Session 3: Building Sustainable Structures

April 18, 2024
–11:00 am PT via Zoom

Who’s going to be where and when? And how can we solve that again and again? Participants in this session will define durable structures for scheduling Linked Learning pathway teams and student cohorts.