SB 1458 (Steinberg – D)

Evolves the Academic Performance Index (API) to include more indicators of college and career readiness, permitting inclusion of middle and high school promotion rates as well as attendance and graduation. It caps standardized test value on the index at 40 percent for high schools, and sets a 40 percent minimum for those scores at primary and middle schools. Establishes growth targets for schools, and the state, based upon the previous years’ API score. Permits the Superintendent, with Board approval, to develop school quality review panels convened locally as a complement to the API, pursuant to budget appropriation. Requires annual, transparent explanation of current API elements to the public and LEAs by the Superintendent, and a one-year waiting period after State Board approval for implementation of new elements.

(Note: This measure is a follow up by Senator Steinberg to SB 547, vetoed in 2011 by Governor Brown, which would have evolved the API into an Education Quality Index (EQI) consisting of a State Assessment Index, a Graduation Rate Index, a College Preparedness Index, and a Career Readiness Index.)