SB 118 (Lieu – D)

Provides that the California Workforce Investment Board is responsible for assisting the Governor in the alignment of the education and workforce investment systems to the needs of the 21st century workforce. Requires the board to assist the Governor in targeting resources to specified industry clusters, and leverage state and federal funds, to ensure that resources are invested in activities that meet the needs of specified industry sectors, and advance the education and employment of students and workers. Also requires the creation of a California Industry Sector Initiative in order to align and leverage federal, state, and local Workforce Investment Act funding streams, identify specified industry sectors and clusters, provide skills-gap analysis, and establishing specified eligibility criteria for the Workforce Investment Act eligible training provider list. Specifies the purpose of workforce investment programs to increase industry certification and degree outcomes, and clarifies language regarding career pathways and sector partnerships, among other terms, for the purposes of workforce investment programs. Clarifies appropriate collaborators to be involved in sector or industry partnerships.