professional learning series

The Linked Learning Professional Learning Series presents structured, interactive, multi-day workshops that delve deep into proven education practices and systems centered on a belief in the unlimited potential of young people.

The series helps participants understand, integrate, and adapt Linked Learning approaches to launch and deliver powerful and relevant learning experiences to their students. Featuring educators, experts, students, and postsecondary and industry partners from across Linked Learning communities, each session builds on collective insights.

Participants engage in knowledge sharing, candid dialogue, co-creation, and action planning—all grounded in Linked Learning principles and real world applications. It’s an opportunity to learn from diverse perspectives and examples of high-quality Linked Learning in action.

Series topics

Each workshop is distinct and designed to offer participants the opportunity to dive deeply into a topic of high relevance to their Linked Learning work. Because this series emphasizes collaboration, we encourage pathway, school, district, and community-wide teams to participate together.

Session cost is based on per-person pricing, with pricing breaks for early registration and team participation.

Linked Learning 101

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Whether you are in a district that is implementing Linked Learning districtwide or you are just beginning to explore the power of combining college and career learning, Linked Learning 101 is designed for new and emerging pathway teams or individuals who are interested in deepening their knowledge about Linked Learning, a proven approach to excellence and equity in education. Participants will learn how to use the Linked Learning standards and certification process to equitably design and improve pathways. Learn more about Linked Learning 101 to find out if it's right for your school or community!

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Contact Robert Curtis, Senior Director, Networks and Practice Development, to learn more about the professional learning series, or to sign up for the next opportunity.