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Linked Learning webinars bring together educators, community leaders, industry partners and researchers to dive into specific timely topics related to Linked Learning policy, practice, and public will building.

Webinars offered throughout the year feature Linked Learning leaders with deep expertise in implementing the approach with fidelity and adapting integrated college and career preparation to online and hybrid learning settings.

Each webinar highlights exemplar strategies, policies and practices from across the Linked Learning field that can inspire community-wide action in support of young people, their dreams and their aspirations.

Linked Learning webinars are typically 60-minutes long, include ample opportunity for engagement, and are free of charge.

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December 9

An engaged advisory board is an essential component of a high-quality Linked Learning pathway and critical to providing students with quality career learning and work-based learning experiences. Advisory boards—made up of school administrators, pathway faculty, and industry partners—provide guidance on career-themed curriculum design, engage directly with students in their projects, and provide valuable work-based learning opportunities. As schools shift to distance and hybrid learning models, it is more important now than ever to engage industry partners on pathway advisory boards to keep young people connected to purpose by making learning real and relevant for them. Through this webinar, participants will learn how to establish and meaningfully involve industry partners on advisory boards to: serve as professional mentors to young people, build students’ social capital and professional networks, help develop curriculum and projects that integrate real-world applications of the industry theme, provide feedback on student work, and connect students to high-quality work-based learning experiences amid COVID-19 and beyond.

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