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The number of Linked Learning pathways serving California students is rapidly expanding, an important challenge for the field is to ensure that this massive increase in scale is accompanied by a commitment to pathway quality. Linked Learning delivers better outcomes for students when it is implemented with fidelity to the four integrated core components: 1) college preparatory academics 2) sequenced CTE courses, 3) work-based learning and 4) comprehensive support services for students.

The Link is a portal that connects the field to: The Link quality recognition and The Link data solution. Together these resources support the Linked Learning field’s commitment to high quality pathways and continuous improvement, and college and career readiness for all students.

What is The Link quality recognition?

          The Link quality recognition gives districts and pathways the option to be recognized for excellence and improvement. Any pathways that provides or aspires to provide students a Linked Learning experience that integrates the four core components of Linked Learning may register in The Link quality recognition.

        By registering pathways in The Link quality recognition, educators will be able to unlock benefits for students and gain pathway/district recognition. As registered pathways progress towards key milestones and show evidence of student outcomes, they can achieve advanced levels of certification.

      Students in registered pathway will be eligible to access benefits associated with each level of certification. Qualified students in pathways that have achieved higher levels of certification will be eligible to benefit from preferences offered by employers and accelerated opportunities at postsecondary institutions.

      The Link quality recognition will also connect educators to experts and partners to encourage knowledge sharing among the Linked Learning community of practice.


What is The Link data solution

      The Link data solution will help pathways, schools, districts, and regional consortia track their student outcomes longitudinally, make comparisons between outcomes for students in pathways and those not in pathways, and compare the effectiveness of particular practices adopted by some pathways, through predictive analytics, performance dashboards and a centralized platform. The Linked Learning Alliance selected two data partners: Education Analytics and Versifit Technologies, to develop and manage the data warehouse and data analytics reporting. All districts are welcome to sign up to participate in The Link data solution.

For more resources, click here. Please e-mail Rebecca Sterling at if you have any questions or are interested in initiating a data services agreement.