Take Action

Anyone can take action to help advance Linked Learning. Below is a list of the different ways you can get involved and make your voice heard.

  • Join the Alliance – To join the Linked Learning Alliance and become a public supporter of Linked Learning, please click here.
  • Contact your state legislators – You can write, email, call, or even visit your state assembly and senate representatives in person to discuss why you support Linked Learning and relevant Linked Learning bills. Not sure who your representative is? Click here to look up your legislators by address or zip code.
  • Activate your network – If you’re part of a business, education, civic or other relevant network, your collective voice can be a powerful tool for influencing lawmakers. To help you with outreach, we have developed communication toolkits that offer a variety of tools and resources. Use these toolkits regularly in your outreach and customize the easy-to-use templates as needed.
  • Connect online: Be sure to connect with the Linked Learning Alliance online through Facebook (Linked Learning Alliance) and Twitter (@Linked_Learning) for the latest updates and news.