Policy Convening

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About the Convening

Interest in the Linked Learning approach is growing at a rapid pace across the state. To help connect and support this growing and evolving field, the Linked Learning Alliance is pleased to host the 2015 Policy Convening.

The Convening will provide opportunities to hear from dynamic speakers, participate in working sessions with policymakers, and collaborate with leaders in the field.

Glance at the Policy Topics

  • Accountability Performance Index (API)
  • California Career Pathways Trust
  • California Technical Education Incentive Grant (CCTEIG)
  • Common Core
  • Concurrent Enrollment
  • Digital Badging
  • Dual Enrollment
  • Early/Middle College
  • Equity
  • Federal: ESEA, Next Generation High Schools, Perkins, SIG, & WIOA
  • High School ROPs as High Quality Career Technical Education Partners in Linked Learning
  • Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) & Local Control Accountability Plans (LCAP)
  • Next Generation Science Standards
  • Rural Implementation of Linked Learning
  • Sustainability
  • Teacher Preparation. Credentialing, and Certification
  • Transitions to and Through Postsecondary (Community College and University)
  • Work-based Learning, Workforce Development, and Apprenticeships

The Policy Convening Online Agenda is now available!